Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TV Highlights: "My Own Worst Enemy": Henry's Wicked Little Therapist

While I was alarmed by Henry's finger-crushing revenge on Edward for killing his college bud, and by his reckless disregard for protocol when he got drunk in the presence of a highly dangerous informant, and by the clever MacGuyver-way Edward escaped a set-up using a makeshift bomb, and even by the amount of money ($2,000) that Edward spent on a slutty party dress for Henry's preteen daughter, I wasn't in the least bit shocked to discover that the person who saves Henry from another setup is his smoking hot therapist.

They've told Henry a billion times that his condition is a secret and that he must trust NO ONE! But when an agent of the secret organization who works for the creepy head boss poses as a faux FBI agent and dangles the possibility of freedom in front of Henry to determine whether or not he's broken, he memorizes the phone number that he can contact him at. Technically, however, Henry promised to keep quiet and do Edward's job right if he made more of an effort to be just like him when he wasn't around. Taking his daughter along to meet up with an extremely dangerous man wasn't apart of the deal. I, personally, would've left an angry message for him, but Henry decided it would be best to get out of this Jekyll-Hyde situation. Luckily, when the agent was about to execute his termination orders, Henry's therapist terminated him first. He's one lucky bastard.

Next week, we'll explore more of Ray/Tom's hectic life, when his wife sends a P.I. after him. That should get interesting real quick.

Side note: I appreciated the tech guy coining a term for his double-agent: Hedward.

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