Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TV Highlights: "Heroes": Elle and Sylar's Transformation

According to Elle, Claire reminds her of Dorothy going to see the wizard (Pinehurst). So what does that make her? The wicked witch?--you know, cause of the way she reacts when water is poured on her. I never can quite understand how two people can bond when they hated each other just seconds ago. Maybe I'll buy the budding brotherhood between Peter and Sylar, but Elle and Claire just seemed like another pairing of convenience. Dumb Blonde and dumber blonder went on a plane to get to Pinehurst, because apparently they didn't realize that when flight attendants tell you to turn off your electrical devices, it's not because they're jealous you have the new iPhone. I would've been happier if Claire had knocked Elle out--I'm sure it counts as turning off her "electrical device."

Losing his powers, apparently gave Peter amnesia, because he tried to assault his father with a chair, as though telekinesis isn't one of his many powers. In an attempt to sway Sylar to his side after he broke in to save Peter, Arthur revealed to Sylar that his mother tried to drown him in a tub when he was a baby because she had a vision of what he would become. While it seems that Arthur has Sylar under his thumb, he cushioned Peter's freefall after mind-shoving him out of a window. Elle and Claire arrive as Peter is plummeting to his death. Instead of running from the building screaming, Elle decides that it's a good idea to trust the people inside because she wants her powers taken away too. Hmm, does she also want them to push her out of a window? Claire takes Peter to safety and Nathan visits him just in time to learn that papa Petrelli is alive. He wouldn't believe that his father would be evil and Claire shoves this retort down his throat: "Believe me, dad's aren't always what they seem." Awww, snap!

Parkman finally used his mind-reading power to read Daphne's mind. Of course, he only did it once and searched for the wrong information. While I was impressed with how he convinced the anger-eater that he had killed him and Daphne, how didn't he realize Daphne was conning him as per Arthur's instructions? He should've known when she went from zero to 60 by kissing him as a reaction to how "cool" his power was. Apparently, Arthur is blackmailing her. He said that he'd put her right back where he found her. Where's that? Probably somewhere she can't run around. Gasp! What if she was in a coma and he took her subconscious out and put it in someone else's body, like future-Peter did to present-Peter.

Nathan introduces his baby mama and his current roll in the hay, causing me to realize that he's now dated fire and ice. Next is either earth or wind. Then they can form a band called...I hate Nathan.

Meanwhile, it turns out that that the reason Hiro won't go back in time is because he doesn't want to change history. Truth be told: if he always went back in time to change things, the show would be no fun. That's why there should be a more obvious consequence to time-traveling, like it takes a year off of his life or something. In order to figure what to do, he eats the mixture the African precog gives him and then passes out with white eyes, similar to the one that Isaac used to have before having a vision. Note to self: Never eat tree sap and animal shit mixed together.

Next week, we'll have an entire episode that flashes back to before they were heroes and villains. I hope that doesn't mean an entire episode without powers. It would be almost as excruciating as watching several seasons of a costume-less Superman.

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