Monday, October 06, 2008

TV REVIEW: "Ex-List"

I really wanted to like this chick-centric show, because I thought it was impressive that Elizabeth Reaser got a leading role in a series after a few episodes on "Grey's Anatomy" playing Eva, the pregnant amnesiac with a new face who Alex fell in love with. I even thought the promos were pretty funny. But after one-too-many gratuitous semi-nude shots and fairly boring co-stars, I grew disinterested.

The story unravels as Bella Bloom takes her younger sister Daphne (Rachel Boston from "American Dreams") to a fortune teller on the night of her bachelorette party and discovers that she has less than a year to fall in love or she'll never get married. The catch is that she's already dated the man she's destined to be with, so she has to go through all of her exes. Cue the flashbacks, painful and embarrassing memories, and the coincidental encounters.

Despite its predictability, it deserves kudos for the addition of the ex-boyfriend Elliott (Mark Deklin from "Justice") who refused to marry her that always hangs around, and a roommate/long-time best friend Augie (Adam Rothenberg from Mad Money) who is dating her other roommate/best friend Vivian (Alexandra Breckenridge from "Dirt") that might be harboring secret feelings for her--they should add some plot twists. What other surprises could be in store? Well, the fact that she has less than a year suggests that there is a deadline or an expiration date on/in either her or the guy's life. So if they want to go the sappy route, he could be dying, but if this series intends on surpassing a year within its timeline, he's probably going to get engaged to someone else. All I'm asking is that at least one of the guys on the show be remotely interesting. Please. I'll check out another episode, but if it doesn't deliver, I'll be skipping it.

+ Bella says that Elliott refers to marriage as "institutionalized co-dependency." He sounds like Prince Charming.
+ Bella's reaction to seeing her touchy-feely musician ex: "Holy hottie Batman!" I'm a fan of any reference to old school TV and film.
+ Bella's description of the her next ex in the promos: "He never stops moving. It's like dating the bus from Speed."

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