Tuesday, October 07, 2008

TV Sound Bites: Chuck, True Blood, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men

+ "His liver must look like camoflauge."--in reference to a character who represented a throwback to the Bond spy days of wearing suits, seducing women, and drinking alcohol like it's water.
+ "I hate to pull rank here homeboy..."--Morgan's preface to explaining how he's more knowledgable of Ellie's likes and dislike to Captain Awesome.

In this episode we learn:
+ They cry blood.
+ They don't cower at the sight of a cross or vanish in images.
+ They don't forget their human lives like in other vampire lores.
+ Bill was turned by a woman and we don't know if she's still alive, but we do know he hates her...a lot.
+ Sam has a very bad temper...possibly bad enough to frame Bill for several murders, including that of Sookie's grandmother. So just pile that on with obsessive stalker.
+ If you take V (vampire blood), it makes you trip just like acid, releases you from all of your inhibitions (not that Jason had much left) and moral beliefs. Thus, turning you into a sexually starved murderer.

+ "Plumber and a house painter--don't get dizzy climbing that social ladder. Just think, if i had been a roofer, we could still be together. Sigh."--said Carl, making fun of Susan's romantic pattern.
+ I nearly died laughing when Lynette signed her rejection letter to her son "Love, Mom," especially after Tom jokingly siad, "Dear Porter, I really like you, but I want to see other offspring."

+ The reason Charlie gives to Jake for why he drinks poison (alcohol): "Because there are things inside me that I need to kill."
+ A testament to Jake's never-satiated hunger after he throws up in the toilet from drinking too much alcohol: "Look at that shrimp. You could clean it off and serve it again."

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