Wednesday, October 08, 2008

TV Highlights: Bones, Life, Grey's Anatomy, Greek, & The Ex List

+ Brennan's subtle way to not call someone a doctor is to put "Mr." in front of their name.
+ We, unfortunately, learned how doctors turn a man into a splitting the penis and somewhat flipping it to appear like a vagina. TMI! TMI! TMI!
+ When Booth and Brennan attended the memorial service of their murder victim, Booth started to pray and Brennan said, "You're not a member," to which Booth responded, "It's not a gym Bones."
+ The latest intern, a geeky British import, tried to flirt with Angela. Hodgins kindly warned him, "Have you ever heard the expression 'That's way too much car for you'?" The Brit responded, "I believe that's one of ours, so yes." Interesting. This episode was just bursting with facts, including one that's made very clear by the intern's ultimate resignation speech. When Cam asked him why he no longer wanted to be in the program, he explained that he didn't want to conform (i.e. stop disseminating useless facts like a breathing encyclopedia) in order to fit into their group. He wanted to be himself. Thus, finding someone who is either exactly like Zack or like them is going to take a while. All of that brings me to one particular observation: there's only been one female intern candidate so far. Hmm.
+ "That boy wasn't brainwashed. The Lord touched him," said the victim's wife, explaining why a rich kid donated five million dollars to their congregation. Booth's clever response to that: "Exactly how much money did the Lord touch him for?"
+ Brennan tried to explain to Booth that just because someone has sexual reassignment surgery doesn't mean their personality and emotions change. But she said it like this: "When the butterfly emerges does the caterpillar cease to exist?", which made Booth rightfully ask, "What are you a kung fu master?"
+ I always find any moment when Booth is tooting his own horn hilarious, so when he said he'd be "smoking hot" as a chick, I couldn't help but laugh at his over-enthusiasm.

The sexual tension between Dani and her new boss is still pretty obvious. Although, Dani is still unclear sometimes as to whether he is flirting with her, which is fun to watch. They were working on a case where they hypothesized that when two people are entangled in a sexual relationship, their anger can lead to murder. So Charlie asks, "If you two have sex, who's going to kill who?" and Dani replies on cue: "If I have sex with him, you're going to kill me immediately." Feel the love.

First off, they built up that flood situation in the previews to seem like an epic issue and it was soooo minor. Secondly, I want to smack Christina for thinking Izzie was handing her an awesome apartment even after hearing that McDreamy wanted to kick her out of the house. So dense and self-absorbed--not to mention, in major denial. Just go to therapy already. But I have to admit, Izzie asked for it. She knows she doesn't have the type of relationship with Christina that she imagines that she does, so why even bother going down that rode? Speaking of a glutton for punishment. Yes, asking Alex was the logical decision, since he too was being pushed out. But, why would you want to live with someone who is so emotionally retarded? I agree with Alex. He's had a tough year. I noticed that when he tried to outdo a patient who believed he was jinxed--bad things happen around him all the time (i.e. the flood). But honestly, that whole schpiel about hoping his bad luck would run out so he could finally be happy with Izzie was confusing. You could be happy with Izzie...if you'd stop being a douche. The ideas behind the plot were rocky, but I liked the end result. The patient said that his Izzie-equivalent, his light at the end of the dark tunnel, was a checkout girl that he'd always intended on saying "hello" to. And, lo and behold, at the end of the episode, grumpy old, anti-social Alex said "hello" to Izzie. It gave me chills. And while we're talking chills, where the hell is my Sergeant bad ass?

+ Ashley was trying to give Rusty the prom he never had, so she interviewed potential dates. She became so desperate that she interviewed the maid and a random Spanish conversation with the maid. Hilarious.
+ Casey was worried that Max would embarrass her at the formal so she was excited that Rusty was going and said, "They can sit at a table and talk about lasers and jet packs."
+ There was a running joke that guys are just walking purses that made me feel ashamed to be female...mainly because I wanted one too.

+ Bella was having a flashback of when she was dating the latest ex who became a couch potato after he wooed her with concerts and parties and dinners, and this was her breakup line: "It's like your mind registered affection and your body was like 'Oh! Cool! She's in! Blah.'"
+ I learned that if your first date is an "activity," then it's because you're not sure if you like them and you don't want to waste the day.

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