Saturday, October 11, 2008

TV Topic: "90210" Gets Better!

I've been fairly bored by the new cast of "90210" and the show's plot lines in general. Maybe at the age of 22 I've seen so many teen dramas that nothing really surprises me anymore.

Naomi trying to make her parents stay together. Next! Ethan trying to flirt with horrendously bland Annie. Zzzzz. Dixon dating a girl he has nothing in common with that had the audacity to explain why she was painting one of her walls black by saying, "You know, black's my favorite color," and then winking at him. Gag! The principal being told that he has an illegitimate 20-something kid somewhere in the world by his needy, recently divorced, wannabe-adulteress ex. Pfft! Adrianna overdosing because she couldn't bare bursting her mother's financially secure bubble by telling her that she needed to turn herself in for the drug possession Naomi took the rap for and ruining her chances at retaining the movie part she just scored, leaving Naomi to take the fall for it and declare--as Adrianna flatlined--"You're dead to me." Hmm. Interesting. Naomi in jail? English teacher Ryan looks to be getting over Kelly quickly as sparks flew with a new transfer student, Kimberly (Jessica Lucas from Cloverfield), who turned out to be an undercover cop trying to smoke out the resident drug dealer. Hmm. "21 Jump Street" meets "The O.C." I just might start looking forward to episodes now. Especially when Grandma Tabitha says things like, "I like to swim naked. I like the way it feels when the water glides off my ass. Why should I have to give that up?" Yeah Grandma, why should you?

Update: I just realized there's a possibility that Ryan is the principal's long lost son.

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