Friday, October 24, 2008

TV Topic: "Grey's Anatomy": Declarations of Love

At the beginning of the season, Cristina felt slighted by the fact that Burke won an award for his cardiothorasic work that she helped him on. Actually, if she didn't cover his ass while his hand mended, he wouldn't even be on anyone's radar. This episode was a reflection of that minor incident that erupted into a theme: Men tend to under-appreciate women.

Last night, Derek got all the credit for Meredith's idea to do clinical trials for a specific type of brain tumor. His pretty boy mug and voluptuous mane was plastered on the cover of a medical journal and the cure for the disease was dubbed the "Shepherd Method"--not one word about Meredith was printed. Later, he defended himself by saying that she wasn't a good enough doctor yet to be given credit. Insane right? But Miranda gave him sage advice: "If it were me, I'd start with 'Thank you.' You'd be surprised how far that one goes, especially with us 'silly emotional women.'" At the beginning of the episode, when all of the surgeons were informed that they would be apart of what is known as a domino surgery, where 12 patients are either giving or receiving an organ donation simultaneously so that no one chickens out at the last minute--what great faith the medical community has in humans (lol)--Cristina asked if she could keep one of the dead kidneys. Suddenly, everyone else wanted one too, including Meredith. So to apologize to her and give her proper gratitude, McDreamy gave her one in a jar.

It's ironic that she gets one though, since she dropped one in the OR and Bailey had the nerve to scream "Five second rule!!" Beyond funny. They sewed that puppy up and into the patient and nervously waited for it to "pink up." That patient was super lucky, especially since the domino surgery almost didn't happen. The way that it works is that a sick patient has a loved one who isn't a kidney match, but that loved one is a match for someone else. So that loved one agrees to donate their kidney to a stranger as long as their loved one gets one from someone else's loved one on the same day. Everyone had a sister or husband or father with them except one girl who kept getting patted on the back for her selfless generosity. But by the guilty look on her face, I knew she had an ulterior motive. It turns out she was doing it for a loved one that was in the room--it just so happens he was married and his wife volunteered for the surgery too. The home wrecker thought that if she gave her kidney just like his wife did, then they'd be even and it would be easier for him to choose between them. But in the end, he showed no interest or concern for her and she felt like a complete idiot.

Watching that patient have a nervous breakdown finally woke Lexipedia, I mean Lexie, up just in time to scold George for being an inconsiderate jerk. The chief told his friends to all give him one intern and they treated them like trading cards, even going as far as to line them up in the cafeteria with their food trays and criticize their merits right in front of them--obviously Cristina's idea. Instead of calling dibs on her, George just waited patiently till they were done. In the end, the chief disapproved of their proverbial cattle sale. Miranda, who had the best lines of the night, said "You think I got to pick my interns and I picked YOU people because you're all such a surgical dream team?" Ouch! The chief assigned him a few and George just took them without a word. That was the final straw for Lexie. She proceeded to spout incoherent and unfinished sentences about how he just didn't see her or how she felt, and how she'd done so much for him (just like the patient had did for her boss, Cristina had did for Burke, and Meredith had did for McDreamy), but got no recognition or love in return. And, of course, all George could do was blubber confusion. He's due for an outburst soon. Since he used to be an intern, his interns don't respect him and they mutter sarcastic jokes under their breath whenever he gives them an order. Cristina told him to just break them down, noting all of their inadequacies, but he didn't seem too keen on doing that.

The boy-hateration didn't end there. FINALLY, Izzie put her foot down and demanded that Alex admit he liked her. Bold! I don't know a girl who would ever do that. I know of them--maybe Angelina Jolie, but seriously? Even Blair wouldn't do that. Then again, Izzie isn't a rich teenager with commitment issues. Inspired by her father-son donor patients, she decided she wasn't going to wait any longer to say how she feels, since the son had been holding a grudge for the last 20 years and only agreed to donating the organ when his father bribed him with $10,000 that I'm sure he doesn't even have. Even though the organ was viable, the man was still dying, and Alex blew up at the son and told him that he needed to say how he felt before it was too late and he regretted it. That little speech inspired Izzie to do just that. She literally repeated "I care about you!" like 10 times while inching closer to his face, ending in a passionate kiss initiated by him. Yayy!

And while heteros were doing all of the under-appreciating, Callie held up the other side of the spectrum, going above and beyond to pleasure Erica and recruiting McSteamy for a lesson on lesbian loving. Talk about an over achiever.

Can't wait for next week when Sergeant Army Bad ass (Journeyman's Kevin McKidd) returns and not only maims a patient in front of all of the other doctors, but fails to remember Cristina's name!!!!

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  1. Loved the episode!!
    So glad that Bailey told Derek to just say thank you, and he gave her a Kidney in a Jar , which is every girls dream. Guy's remember when you fight with a girl you live with just bring her home a Kidney in a Jar for the night stand! You will go places!
    When Meredith dropped that kidney i could have died all though they did use the renowned 5 second rule, which is used on food sometimes, but I don't think that it works for a Kidney..But who am i to judge!
    I love that Izzie and Alex kissed because it was a long time coming and they really are good for each other!
    As for Lexi good for her, telling off George was the best thing that she could do! Now she can move onto bigger and better things like Mark and maybe he could teach her his "method"
    McArmy needs to be a regular on the show because he is the right amount of man for Cristina!

    I can't wait to read what you have to say about next weeks episode!