Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TV Topic: How I Met Your Mother's Best Burger Hunt

Hmm, juicy ground beef smothered in ketchup and melted American cheese wrapped in fluffy white could you go wrong with such a simple recipe? The truth is--as Marshall taught viewers this week--you only know that a burger isn't just right when you've tasted something better. MUCH BETTER! McDonald's, Burger King, White Castle, not even In&Out can compete. While Marshall's resided in an unassuming location named "Burger" (there's actually a place called Brgr), my favorites in NYC are actually:

1. Five Guys: I could feel every klump of ground beef slathered in juicy goodness and I wasn't even grossed out by the fact that I was most likely tasting the fat that was about to plaster itself to my ass. It's a bit pricey, but it's delicious. AND to top it off, the freshly sliced, fried, and salted french fries that accompany it are ridiculously good.
2. Faces & Names: I popped in here for a Happy Hour chat with my former intern buddies and grabbed something off the appetizer bar menu only to discover a perfectly cheese-ified burger.
3. Burgers & Cupcakes: I'm not really a fan of baked goods, but I thought I'd give this place a shot and was suprised to find that the burgers were super thick and the bacon was practically as thick as a slice of bread. Super hard to chew, but totally worth the workout.
4. Seventh Avenue Papaya: I was wandering Chelsea and noticed a crowd of teenagers outside of a fast food joint and I peaked in to find the menu plastered all over the walls and door. Four dollars. That's all I had to pay for a hot dog, french fries, and soda. So when I spotted it again near Times Square while running errands, I bought a burger instead. It may not cost $9, but it was damn good.

I sympathize with you greatly Marshall, but honestly, what was with the 30 minutes of metaphorical burger-searching? I want some more Barney-Robin plot developments, not an ode to red meat and ironic jibes at the banking industry.

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