Monday, October 20, 2008

TV Topic: My Own Worst Enemy's Mind Control (Ep. 2)

+ I was under the impression that Edward and Henry were going to be bffs, united against The Man. Alas, it isn't so.
+ The damaged chip that controls their personalities can't be removed or replaced. However, Henry is eager to remove it with the misguided notion that he can prove he exists. I would love for that to be true--for Edward to be the fake personality, because then we'd get to see how much Edward values his miserable existence.
+ Henry hits up one of his college buddies for a CT scan and that poor doc "falls" off of the hospital roof. Naturally, Henry suspects Edward--and honestly, who wouldn't?
+ We learn that Edward really really isn't nice. He threatened to kill Raymond/Tom if he tells anyone (besides their boss and the tech guy) about the chip malfunctioning.
+ Edward figured out that Henry resurfaces whenever he gets this creeping sensation of anxiety. From there he has 60 seconds or so before Henry arrives. That's kind of helpful.
+ And while Edward is a pretty tough guy, Mavis is actually worse. She had someone spray Henry with a mist that sent him into cardiac arrest, and then she began this whole diatribe about how he needed to decide if he wanted to live by her rules or die by his own. With the paddles ready and hovering over his chest, she refused to save his life until he agreed, which was hard to do since he was gasping for air. Crazy!
+ For some reason, whenever Henry/Edward end a conversation with their wife, they say, "I'm not sending you back anytime soon." Back where? Hmm. I have a feeling that's going to come up again later.
+ The messages written in marker that Edward leaves on Henry's hand are killing me. He's such a snide, self-important son of a bitch. Your car does not equal his wife. Stop hummingbird-ing her. Eck.
+ I was intrigued by the pilot, but I'm starting to lose interest. Henry rebelling is an interesting plot choice, especially since the title-character of "Chuck" just seems to go with the flow, but unless you're going to reveal huge chunks of their background, I'd suggest refocusing on the missions Edward is assigned.

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  1. I'm guessing he says "I'm not sending you back anytime soon" as a way to say "I love you" without actually saying he loves her, because he (Edward) doesn't, in fact, love her.

    Send her back I'm thinking just means something like he's not going to return her for a refund as if she were a gift.