Sunday, October 19, 2008

TV Topic: True Blood's Creature Mythology

+ Apparently, vampires spread rumors about their abilities and weaknesses, so that they can blend in better. They have people believing that they don't appear in mirrors and that holy water, garlic, and crucifixes burn, but it's not true. So whenever someone accuses them of being vampires, all they have to do is dip their hand in holy water or show them their reflection. Voila! They can mainstream until sunrise...cause then they have to lock themselves in a sunless location so they can safely go into paralysis. *shakes head*
+ For some bizarre reason Sam was running through the fields butt naked. It might have something to do with his possible canine DNA. You know, cause when he changes he can't wear clothes. Although, if I were him, I'd hide clothes all over town. Hey, wait a second! He only changes at night and he wakes up naked. That sounds awfully similar to Oz in "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer." Maybe he did kill all those women. Someone should match their death dates to the full moon schedule.
+ Sam was particularly peeved cause he found out that Sookie got her freak on with Bill. He practically called her a whore. (Side note: Apparently, Lafayette does have limits and they start with an aversion to being bitten during sex. Who knew?) I really just tuned in to see Sam could really fend off the three evil vampires who want Bill to give up mainstreaming and join their group. Unfortunately, Bill swooped in--after murdering Sookie's crippled uncle who felt her up as a child--and resolved the situation by publicly rejecting her and agreeing to leave with them. Unfortunately, a bunch of drunk rednecks torch the house the vamps are staying in in the morning and four coffins are found filled with blood. Cue the tears Sookie.
+ Sam told Tara that he wasn't very "close" to his family, which might be code for "I'm a dog and my parents don't approve." Wait, is he a dog or a werewolf? Cause if he's a werewolf, then aren't dogs notoriously hostile towards werewolves as per that truly accurate 80s movie Teen Wolf? Or is that a lie too to throw humans off? Hey, maybe that dog who always follows him around is his family. Maybe he was raised by dogs. IDK! lol
+ After an exorcist told Tara that her lonely bitchy behavior is due to a demon that's inside of her, she apologized to Sam for ditching him. I guess she figured the easier way to cleanse her body--aside from having sacred rocks transfer the demon from her body into a possum that would then be viciously drowned--would be to make more of an effort to not be socially retarded. That does seem like the more rational decision. As for whether there really was a demon inside of her mother or not, I have no clue. We'll see if she's still possessed next week I guess.
+ Last, not but not least, that unrelenting perv Jason found his V-licking soul mate and had psychedelic sex with her. Next week, I think he sells his sister out to those Fangoria vamps for some more. They're really running the gamut of a drug abusers behavior with him. First, he assaulted his sister. Then he steals the family's valuables to get more drugs. And now he's betraying his sister.

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