Thursday, November 27, 2008

32 TV-Related Holiday Gifts

In the event that you 1) got trampled during Black Friday and went home empty-handed, 2) triumphantly reached the store doors before everyone, but still failed to find every gift you searched for, or 3) slept in after a Turkey-licious evening, here are a few online options to lighten your Holiday gift list from the comfort of your warm home:

Nerd Herd T-shirt
The Buy More employees may not be covert agents, but they do have their own top secret missions to execute. One word: Pineapple. Submit your application, snag the uniform, and join up. NBC Store, $24.

"Desperate Housewives"
Black & Ivory Lace Apron
You could use this in the kitchen....or in the bedroom, depending on your mood. ABC Store, $120.

"Power-Saw to the People" Poster
This year was politically revolutionary, and campaign posters are a product of that budding revolution. Who better to vote for than our favorite righteous serial killer? Showtime Store, $30.

"Friday Night Lights"
Tim Riggins' Football jersey
Rock his jersey and get one step closer to the Panthers' resident hottie. No worries, he's not a believer in that feeble "Look, don't touch," philosophy. NBC Store, $45.

"Gossip Girl"
If your memory falters as much as my ancient (23-year-old) mind does, then you'd probably appreciate a cute notepad to jot things down in, like your grocery list, your homework, movie times, or even the juicy morsel you just overheard in 4th period Chem class. Always gotta get the facts right. WBTV Shop, $12.

ZBZ mug
If you missed out on joining a sorority back in your college days, pouring your morning Joe into this sisterly mug could make up for it. ABC Family Store, $9.
Kappa Tau Gamma T-shirt
Rushing a fraternity seems like a lot of work and humiliation. Bypass all the childish shenanigans, and score an honorary tee. ABC Family Store, $15.

"Grey's Anatomy"
"Seriously" T-shirt
If you're a fan, then you know of the episode where everyone, and I mean everyone, kept saying "Seriously," and--kind of like the word "Dude"--it totally applies to every situation. ABC Store, $20.

Helix Symbol T-shirt
What better way to remind yourself why you ever liked this series in the first place than to wear the symbol that explains it all. NBC Store, $24.
Hiro Sword T-shirt
If you're a Hiro Nakamura fan (YATA!!!), this graphic tee will help you tap into your inner comic book geek. NBC Store, $24.
Hiro Meets Dinosaur/Cheerleader Burns Lunchbox
I personally rocked a Kermet the Frog lunch box as a kid, so I'm a little jealous that this generation has cooler options like this. But that's not to say that you can't cart this to a business lunch in the park either--consider the mockery an adult form of envy. NBC Store, $15.
"Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" T-Shirt
Ahh, the quote that started the craze. Catchphrases are important in selling a product, and this one sold us all. Immortalize the cult-experience. NBC Store, $24.

"How I Met Your Mother"
The Bro Code
Barney Stinson is like a walking sex encyclopedia and now you have access to all of his douchey knowledge., $13.

"The Middle Man"
License Plate
Just because the show's future hangs in the balance doesn't mean you can't enjoy Middleman perks while you wait for summer to return. ABC Family Store, $25.

"I'm Monkish" T-shirt
Do you have an inner OCD detective? Don't be ashamed. Just be like Monk, completely unapologetic. USA Network Store, $24.

"The Office"
Dwight Schrute Bobblehead
One of the highlights of this show is watching Jim annoy the crap out of Dwight. Naturally, we viewers don't promote bullying, but Dwight brings out the pushy, overgrown 5-year-old in all of us. Now you can toy with him too. NBC Store, $19.
"Free Ryan" T-Shirt
Oh Ryan! Both Michael and Kelly's obsession with you might be...slightly disturbing, but we totally get it. We love it when you play hard to get!! Who doesn't love a challenge? NBC Store, $24
"I Love Jim" T-shirt
How could you not fall for Jim? His sweet smile, adorable flirtation attempts, romantic gestures, hilarious facial expressions, and entertaining pranks make him every girl's dream: a man who's a boy at heart. NBC Store, $24.
Jim Joke T-shirt
If your workplace has casual Fridays...well, I wouldn't suggest getting this casual (It says: '...if this were my career, I'd have to throw myself in front of a train.'), but maybe you can wear it under your wifebeater. ;P NBC Store, $22.
The Office Sign
In case anyone should question the workplace dynamic, this sign should enlighten them that it isn't just their imagination--their co-workers really are crazy. NBC Store, $12.
Dundie Award
While Michael's fabricated workplace award ceremony seemed a bit pathetic, you can't deny that you wouldn't mind an award of your own for all the hard work you've been doing...since you won't be getting that raise. NBC Store, $20.
Laptop Skin
If your job revolves around a computer like mine does, personalizing your laptop with a little inside joke could be a nice way to brighten your day, while secretly greeting the Michaels and Dwights of your own office. NBC Store, $15.

"One Tree Hill"
"Clothes Over Bros" T-shirt
Tight-nit female friendships are hard to come by on TV, when so many of our heroines are actually more devoted to finding their Prince Charming. Brooke and Peyton have been through so much--a love triangle, a stalker, assault, a school-shooting, etc.--but their friendship has stood the test of time. Share this with your bff and always remember, "Ho's over Bro's." WBTV Store, $10.

"The Psych-ic is in" T-shirt
Maybe it is a double entendre, but mostly it's a year-round reminder of how hilarious Gus and Sean can be. USA Network Store, $24.

"Ugly Betty"
"Bigger, Brighter, Bettyer" T-shirt
While it's easier to have outer beauty, Betty reminds us all that only inner beauty lasts forever. ABC Store, $25.

4:20 T-shirt
Even though this show isn't about promoting drug use, let's be honest, it's the best part. Showtime Store, $22.


Central Perk Mug
Why settle for your average white coffee cup, when you can sip a Central Perk mug. You can almost hear Phoebe's crappy cat songs now. "Gunther! Where's my coffee?!" NBC Store, $15.
Central Perk Apron
You'll probably whip up dinner with a little more zest if you tie on a Central Perk apron--anything to make slaving over a hot stove fun. NBC Store, $22.

"Gilmore Girls"
Luke’s Diner Sweatshirt
An era of fast-talking, quippy, small town girls ended when this series played its final episode. Miss those morning chats at Luke's? Crawl into this commemorative sweatshirt and remember the good old days. CWTV Shop, $20.

"The O.C."
Captain Oats Blanket
If you really think about the history of the show, the most reliable character was actually Seth's plastic horse confidant, Captain Oats. You can always count on Oats not to punch anyone in the face or sleep with your boyfriend, or murder Marissa...even though it was clearly necessary. WBTV, $24.

"Sex and the City"
Logo T-shirt
Think of this shirt as an easy way to dress up a pair of jeans. Slip into comfy black pumps, pick out a clutch and head out the door. HBO Store, $25.
"Looking for Mr. Big" T-Shirt
With a hardly-visible diamond ring printed on the words "Looking for Mr.Big," no guy will be blindsighted by your intentions. HBO Store, $25.

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