Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BUZZ: Denny Stays on "Grey's," Dan & Serena on "Gossip Girl," Cera's "Paper Hearts," and more

Ari Graynor, gross-out star of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, will guest star on "Fringe" as Olivia's little sis, who's toting a young daughter and boy troubles in January.
Michael Cera, Graynor's co-star, and his girlfriend Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up) are starring in a Sundance comedic indie about their relationship and how music has affected it. So it's like an interracial Nick & Norah. I'm kidding, of course. The film, Paper Hearts, is getting a lot of buzz because of its part-documentary and part-unscripted style, and because of Judd Apatow's involvement. But Nicholas Jasenovec is actually the lucky bastard who gets to sit in the director's seat. I just can't wait to see the trailer.
Shonda Rhymes is trying to salvage "Private Practice" by concocting a 3-episode crossover arc on "Grey's Anatomy." In other related news, reports are saying that Denny will haunt Izzie through February and she'll probably confide in George, while simultaneously annoying the crap out of all of us! The good news--depending on how you feel about them--is that Mark will eventually ignore Derek's warnings and go after Lexie. I guess George missed his chance.
• On "Gossip Girl," Dan and Serena are looking to rekindle their romance yet again. Sounds like this is going to be a neverending Ryan-Marissa situation that hopefully won't self-destruct with some douche killing the heroine.
• Check out this incredible Terminator Salvation poster! Speaking of which, Josh Brolin was supposedly courted for the big bad Terminator role in this upcoming 3-part saga, but turned it down because it didn't feel right for him.

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