Tuesday, November 04, 2008

CAST COUP?: Megan Fox as Wonder Woman

There's a website called wonder-who.com and it's sporting this poster with Megan Fox as Wonder Woman. It's been a popular Halloween costume lately, having been sported by Kate Beckinsale, Cassie, and Kim Kardashian, giving the impression that certain Hollywood hopefuls are gunning for the role. Beckinsale's name has actually been tossed around for the part, as have the names of Sophia Bush ("One Tree Hill"), Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, and--ever since an unforgettable Chrismaka on "The O.C."--Rachel Bilson. But Megan Fox has been a rising star since her official debut in 2007 as Transformers' eye candy, keeping her name on the tip of everyone's wagging tongue. The question is: Will fanboys approve?

I think she fits the suit quite nicely, but I'm not familiar with the character and can't actually determine if she has what it takes to bring the heroine to life. I can, however, without a doubt tell you that the modernized version of the character is going to have to impress us regular moviegoers with a little more than a Lasso of Truth and an invisible plane.

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