Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Cast of "American Pie"

It's been 7 years since the first installment of the American Pie teenage soft porn trilogy, a stepping stone for several young actors and actresses in Hollywood. With the recent news that Universal plans to forego the direct-to-DVD National Lampoon-type "spinoffs" in order to create a fourth film with the original cast, we have to wonder: Where the heck are they now?

Jason Biggs, the pie-humper, struck out with Woody Allen's dud Anything Else, and then proceeded to play dorky best friend in movie (Eight Below) after movie (Over Her Dead Body) after movie (My Best Friend's Girl).
Up next: He has a comedy called Lower Learning where he stars opposite Eva Longoria--again? that's not a good sign--and Rob Corddry (What Happens in Vegas).

Sean William Scott, who will forever be better known as Stifler, tried his hat at action comedies (The Rundown and The Dukes of Hazzard), then went indie by choice (Southland Tales) followed with going indie by necessity (The Promotion).
Up next: There's the teen-geared comedy Role Models alongside Paul Rudd (who will clearly whore himself out for anything as long as it pays the bills) that's out right now. But he's working on voice-overs for the animated flick Planet 51 and the role of the douchebag to Topher Grace's boy-next-door in Coxblocker.

Alyson Hanningan, the most successful APer to date, who cannot only boast a memorable career as a Buffy sidekick but as an adorable band geek with a raging libido. We're grateful she's stuck to the steady gig of CBS's "How I Met Your Mother," especially because of missteps like the crass and unfunny spoof Date Movie.

Chris Klein, the hot jock, did a little action (Rollerball), some adult comedy (Just Friends and American Dreamz), and even television ("Welcome to the Captain"), but he just hasn't quite found his niche yet.
Up next: A role in the action movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.

Thomas Ian Nicholas, the adorable virgin, has a few TV guest spots and box office duds on his post-Pie resume.
Up next: He has roles in Blair Underwood's crime drama The Bridge to Nowhere, the much-talked-about indie Life is Hot in Cracktown, and an untitled Nicole Holofcener (Friends with Money) relationship comedy in the works.

Shannon Elizabeth, the often-naked exchange student, later starred in the guy-movie Tomcats and the horror flick Thir13teen Ghosts, and appeared in the dorky comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Then she tried television, guest-starring on "That's 70s Show," followed by playing along with stereotypes in her canceled UPN series "Cuts." When that failed, she made a career out of appearing as herself in "Dancing with the Stars" and at several celebrity poker games.
Up next: A role in the horror flick Night of the Demons.

Tara Reid, the beautiful hot blond, eventually burned out as a hard-partying celebutard. But first she co-starred in the romantic dramedy Dr. T and the Women, and starred as a self-righteous braniac in Van Wilder and a kitschy rock star in Josie and the Pussycats. After failing miserably at the attempt of cultivating a career as a romantic lead with My Boss's Daughter, she segued to TV with a character arc on "Scrubs." Unfortunately, her public partying defiled any chance of a comeback and she's been relegated to crappy films and club openings in order to make a buck.
Up next: She'll star in the Bonnie and Clyde-type flick The Beautiful Outsiders alongside Michael Douglas' kid Cameron, and then the horror flick Land of Canaan.

Eddie Kaye Thomas, the suave dork who boned Stifler's mom, went the awkward comedy route with Tom Green in Freddy Got Fingered, and when that failed, ventured into television ("Off Centre") with John Cho, who was a background character in AP. After it was canceled, a few years pass and the tables turn. Suddenly, Thomas was the one playing a bit part in Cho's cult classic Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Since then, he's appeared in the indie Fifty Pills, was hardly noticed as Jesus in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, got stuck voicing an animated character on "American Dad," and had his character unceremoniously deleted from the unbearable FOX comedy "Til Death."
Up next: He'll join Scrubs' Donald Faison for the crime comedy Venus & Vegas, and then take a back seat to DJ Qualls (The New Guy) in the comedy Good Behavior.

Natasha, I can't even remember what she did in the movie. But I can tell you that she went on to appear in Scary Movie 2, the hopelessly unromantic Kate & Leopold, Party Monster, and Blade: Trinity. Then she got in trouble with the law and went AWOL.
Up next: She'll appear in the dance comedy Goyband with Adam Pascal (Rent) and J.Lo's ex-husband Cris Judd.

Mena Suvari, the girl-next-door, I would have to say remained in the spotlight the most. After her critically heralded performance in the Oscar-winning drama American Beauty, she faltered with the romantic comedy Loser, where she reteamed with Biggs, and the teen comedy Sugar & Spice. After a character arc on "Six Feet Under," she did a few bit parts in Beauty Shop, Domino, Rumor Has It..., and Factory Girl.
Up next: Nada

For the 4th installment in the Pie saga, no one has signed on yet. But after seeing what they have on the horizon--zilch--I doubt they'll waste time signing on the dotted line.

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