Thursday, November 06, 2008

TV Highlights: Sam's True Species on "True Blood" and a mini-B on "Gossip Girl"

I knew it. Sam's totally a dog--a dumb one too. If you know you transform into a human when you sleep, why would you fall asleep near Sookie in dog-form? I have a feeling Bill knew too. Sookie has plenty of friends she can stay with, but he sought a guy who was in love with her for a reason other than his infatuation. Meanwhile, I can't wait to see her brother's girlfriend get dealt with, as the vamp leader threatened. I don't care how psychedelic their sex is, that bitch is crazy. I'm sure whatever happens to her will be worse than what they have planned for Bill at the tribunal. I'm not sure why, but I think Sookie might end up there, "testifying" on his behalf. All she has to say is that he was protecting her telepathic gift and not her, and he should be left off with a warning.

Lastly, Tara is convinced she has a demon in her and I'm concerned that lonely people will do anything to be happy. There are plenty of examples of it too. Sam sleeps with Tara because of it. The redhead waitress is on her fourth husband because of it. Sookie--fed up with humans whose mind she can read--has turned to vampires because of it. And Jason is willing to torture someone because of it. But if Tara does have a demon inside of her, that could be an explanation as to what's been hunting Sookie. We've already ruled out vamps since they don't stick around to drain blood, and I seriously doubt it's a jealous Sam, so that leaves an unknown creature to be revealed. I feel like werewolves would've been a lot messier, so I'm stumped. Plus, if Tara has a demon in her, it's interesting that vampires and dogs can't sense or smell it.

Nate is such a manwhore. Not only did he fail to remember the name of the girl he almost slept with at Yale, but he forfeited his friendship with Dan just to bag Jenny. He loses extra cool points for rejecting Chuck's gracious offer after getting kicked out of the Humphrey castle, opting to runaway to the Hamptons. Honestly, my second choice would've been Blair--after cheating on him with his best friend, it's the least she can do. Meanwhile, Lil J was actually seeming reasonable in this episode--Upper East Side reasonable, cause honestly if a kid from the Bronx staged a guerilla fashion show, they'd have been arrested. It was Dan who lost his mind. Why would you take cues from somoene who's young and naive? Granted she did land herself in Page Six, but the sacrifice of integrity and trust that she's willing to make aren't ones that a boy-next-door writer can afford to make if he doesn't want to end up cold and aloof like Chuck, or dismissive and flaky like Nate.

Serena's eagerness to connect with her artist-boy-from-wayback wasn't as interesting as watching Chuck and Blair post-treaty agreement. Last week (my post was deleted) they agreed that they'd postpone their relationship until they were sure that it was more than "the chase" that attracted them to each other. This week they teamed up to get her into Yale. Serena's still keeping up her end of the bargain in scheming to get her in. She convinced some influential woman to let Blair babysit her kid, except the "kid" was 13 and dying to lose her V card on B's watch. After first entertaining the idea to assist in this deflowerment, Chuck rejected her. And all throughout the episode as he helped B find the slippery little rascal, they shared quiet moments of eye contact, especially when there was mention of losing it in the backseat of a limo. When the mini-B asked if Blair waited to be in love, she responded yes. Unfortunately, Chuck wasn't there to witness it. Blair, however, had the pleasure of being exposed to an even worse version of her mother. She planned on blackmailing mini-B's mom with a photo of her kissing someone who wasn't her husband, but once she heard all the horrible things she had to say about her perfectly sweet daughter, she refused to sink to her level. No worries, in the morning--with help from mini-B's pout and persuasion--Blair got into Yale. She told the dean that the one person she'd like to have dinner with, dead or alive, was Blair. Very clever.

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