Saturday, November 15, 2008

TV Topic: "Grey's Anatomy": Meredith's old pal Sadie & Denny's Return

There's plenty to talk about, but let's start off slow shall we:

Dith & Die: We were introduced to Meredith's college buddy, Sadie (Melissa George). Mer or Dith (pronounced "death") were supposedly so close that they have years of secrets that both Derek and Christina are dying to know. What we've learned so far is that she used to work in the morgue, she's their new intern, and she's a tad psycho, since she sliced open her back so that the interns could practice stitching wounds. I do not foresee liking her one bit, especially since she makes obsessive Mer act like giggly Dith, and shoves Christina aside.

Mark & Callie: Wow! Mark Sloan as a one-man support system? That's practically unheard of. So Erica Hahn vamoosed and left Callie in denial. She tried to fill the void of her lesbian lover by taking on a ridiculously risky case: a homeless man who was crushed by a garbage compactor and was carted in as a human pretzel. There was no chance of him walking again, so Callie got the brilliant idea to rebuild the bones in his legs using metal pieces she found in the hospital. Yes, Callie is MacGuyver. Of course, when he died mid-surgery, she broke down in tears while still standing over his body in a room full of surgeons. She started sobbing about how all they had to do was keep him alive and she would've succeeded in doing the impossible. For her, rebuilding his bones was the equivalent of becoming a lesbian, and all Erica had to do was keep her heart going, like the rest of the medical team had to do with the homeless patient. While Christina took the lead in telling everyone to stop staring and get the hell out of the operating room, Mark was the one who held her while she cried. I thought that meant he liked her, but then there was an awkward moment where it seemed like he was lusting after Lexie after she impressively stitched up the homeless guy's leg using a technique that she and the interns had practiced on their own. I can't tell if he's trying to be Callie's platonic bff or if he's genuinely falling for her. He's like a pervy puzzle.

Lexie & Meredith: Derek wanted Meredith to treat Lexie more like her sister and less like a random person who has the same last name as her. Since Lexie flinched every time someone touched her arm, he and Christina thought she was a cutter. That didn't phase Meredith though. However, Mark constantly complimenting her and giving her the sexy bedroom eyes did touch a nerve. She demanded that Derek order Sloane to back off. And while that would seem heartwarming, the fact that Christina was the one who figured out what Lexie was actually doing and demanded that she stop, topped her gesture by a mile. Christina is more of a mentor to her than Meredith will ever be--never cuts her any slack, but always comes through for her in the end.

Owen & Christina: Doctor Sergeant Badass had a special interest in the homeless patient. There was a scene where the patient started ranting about how his legs were his livelihood, and how he doesn't know how he became homeless, saying: "My life took a turn and I couldn't connect." I could tell that Owen understood what he meant and feels like he's in the middle of disconnecting. The only thing keeping his feet on the ground are his job and Christina. The passionate kiss he gave her at the end, which began with what seemed like attempted assault (lol), totally shook her, while simultaneously proving he needs some pyschological assistance.

Bailey & New Doc: Speaking of the crazies, the chief was trying to recruit a heart specialist, who happened to have Asperger syndrome, which basically means she's socially...misinformed. I don't know how to put it nicely. There are real people with this illness and I don't want to diminish how serious it is, but it's basically a more heightened case of what I like to call being a dork. She's like "Monk," except without a sense of humor. She's a stickler for rules, and Bailey was more concerned about accomodating a patient who wanted to perform a Native American ritual on the heart being removed from his chest, which was previously donated, and free the donor's soul. And if that wasn't weird enough, he wanted his heart back--the one they removed 6 years ago, which he actually expected to work...and it did. More on that in a minute. The point is Bailey lied to the new doc, saying that it was a rule that they had to adhere to the patient's religious beliefs. Unfortunately, she figured it out and felt like she was being mocked, and refused to join their hospital. While I don't agree with what Bailey did, I also don't agree with telling someone what to believe in. If the old guy wants to perform a Native American exorcism on his own organ, I say let him do whatever the hell he wants.

Izzie & Denny: That said, the fact that I'm supposed to believe that Isabel isn't hallucinating, but, in fact, actually touching and making out with Denny aint f*cking happening. There better be a damn good explanation why they're derailing the Alex-Izzie love story with this extremely overdue trip down memory lane. Yes, Denny was the love of her life and his storyline was incredibly romantic, and I cried my eyeballs out when she laid beside his dead body in her prom dress and ALEX acted as her knight-in-shining-armor and carried her away. Alex was her hero! Denny was just a catalyst for their relationship to begin--to help Alex show his sensitive side. NOT! so he can come back as a...ghost? and make Izzie be the 2ND crazy person Alex falls in love with. This can't be good for his self-esteem. EW is speculating that Izzie has a brain tumor that's giving her delusions like on "Eli Stone." But I think Grey's is tanking, so they thought they'd get rid of the unattractive antagonist (Erica), add a hot bisexual character (Sadie), and bring back their most beloved storyline (Denny) to lure everyone back. Devoid of any legitimate reason for having him, they've decided to screw with us. Like I said before, their reason better be good. It better be damn good.

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