Sunday, November 16, 2008

TV Topic: "The Office": Pam's Return and Kelly & Ryan's Reconciliation

I was majorly disappointed by the way Jim proposed to Pam, so I felt a little guilty when she gave up going to school for graphic design after failing and decided to return to Scranton to be with Jim. I was happy she did, I just thought for a second that she might regret it. She was really adamant about how it was her decision and she was okay with it, but she went through that life changing decision and then just brushed it under the rug. It seems too abrupt, but I guess Jim and Pam have never followed the cookie-cutter formula of TV-love before, so why start now?

While we're on the subject of love birds, Ryan finally made his move to steal Kelly back from Darryl. I could not stop laughing at how completely dorky he was being. He somehow managed to get her back by doing push-ups to impress her. What am I talking about? This is Kelly. He could've spit up in the air and caught it in his mouth, and she would've jumped his bones. I particularly loved how smoothly he got her to dump Darryl, saying: "I already typed out a text message for you. All you have to do is press send." Milliseconds later, Darryl practically skipped to his car, completely unphased by her rejection, and Ryan was trapped...again. Apparently, he just liked the thrill of the chase. She's good. She's really good. I'm going to miss his forward declarations of love, probably more than I missed her psychotic attempts to inject herself into his life. His last line: "I realize--for whatever reason--that I just couldn't do any better," will probably be one of his last veiled insults of the season, since he plans on joining Quentin Tarantino on his next star-studded project Inglourious Basterds. So bitter-Kelly might return--wonder where she'll go from here.

Michael was the third highlight of the episode. True, Andy and Oscar had a great bonding experience in Canada, which proved that homos and heteros can chill without any homophobic discrepancies, but when Michael went off script, grew a backbone, and told his boss that it was wrong that he took the love of his life away, I wanted to worship at his altar. Unfortunately, there's no word on Amy Ryan returning to the series any time soon, which of course means that Jan can swoop in whenever she likes. So we'll call Kelly "Crazy" and Jan "Crazy-with-a-baby."
*Sigh of relief* Good, I didn't want to get them confused.

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