Monday, November 17, 2008

BUZZ: The Fate of "Grey's Anatomy," "Ex-List," "Monk," and more

Quantum of Solace was a spectacularly, action-packed, vengeance sequel, but I kind of need a second viewing to digest the underlying emotional analysis, which was deeply embedded in all of his long hard stares and frequent negligence of the death around him. Nonetheless, it made $67.5 mil and debuted at #1, almost thirty grand more than Casino Royale. A unit director who worked on the Bourne trilogy helped out on this film, which could explain all of the balcony jumps. According to imdb, "Quantum of Solace is defined as 'a precise figure defining the comfort/humanity/fellow feeling required between any pair of people for love to survive. If the Quantum of Solace is 0, then love is dead.'" How profound! So, basically these two films were supposed to explain why Bond was so cold-hearted and promiscuous. Mission accomplished...woops, wrong movie.
Isaac Asimov's 1955 time travel novel, The End of Eternity, will be adapted. It's "a futuristic tale in which humanity is controlled by a ruling class called Eternity, members of which can manipulate time to alter history and prevent disasters or wipe out undesirables. One of the time cops flirts with disaster when he breaks the cardinal Eternity rule and falls in love with a woman from another time period."
• Although, Eric Bana has written several comedies in Australia, he'll make his directorial debut with the glorified car-porn documentary, Love the Beast. Hopefully his next few films, The Time Traveler's Wife and Star Trek, will raise his profile back to where films like Hulk and Troy put it so that it'll get positive consideration.
• Apparently vampires are the new witches, since Twilight has taken over the tween mindest and yet another vamp adaptation has been greenlit. Next to hit theaters is P.C. and Kristin Cast's 4-book saga House of Night about a world in which vampirism is a genetic anomaly and those who are born with it must attend an X-Men-type school to learn how to prepare for their eternal futures.
• "Monk" has been picked up for one final season.
Grey's Anatomy's Shonda Rimes has confirmed that Izzie does NOT have a brain tumor. On other news, Meredith's college bff Sadie will put the moves on Callie.
• Despite the fact that CBS's "Ex-List" was cancelled, they will finish shooting the rest of the 13-episode season for a DVD package, resolving her quest for the man she'll marry, who just so happens to be someone that viewers have already met.

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