Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TV TOPIC: Jill Betrays "Chuck"

I knew it!!!! Jill wreaked of suspicious behavior from the start. Dating Chuck in college and ditching him for Bryce seemed pretty standard for such a hot girl. But the moment she strolled back into Chuck's life, all innocent-acting and ready to start over, I started to wonder what her real intentions were. I'm not saying Chuck isn't a catch. He's cute, smart, funny, and heroic--what more could you ask for?--but there was something about the timing of when she came (right after he broke up with Sarah), how easily she fell for him (as though Bryce never existed), and, of course, the fact that their university was a breeding ground for future agents. Remember that episode in the first season where we saw how many agents-in-training there were on campus, waiting to be activated. It's not that difficult to make the leap to the assumption that maybe Bryce and Chuck weren't the only wiz kids on the short list for an action-packed future. Unfortunately, bad guys don't write down their future recruits, so snooping, future-meddling Bryce couldn't predict that one. Hopefully, next week we get to see Sarah and Jill throwdown. There's no need for mud wrestling or even another shower scene, like she had with Nicole Richie, but I would settle for a little hand-to-hand combat and maybe even a duel.

On a side note, I love that there's always work drama that's juxtaposed to their missions, as though Morgan has his own mission impossibles in life. Viva Buymoria!

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