Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TV Topic: Elle & Sylar on "Heroes"

I was surprised that Arthur let Angela out of her mind-cell just because he's still in love with her. But I was even more surprised by what went down between Elle and Sylar.

They gave us the backstory of the time she was sent to provoke him in order to examine how he absorbs powers and reminded us that he murdered her father, so that we'd understand why she felt so inclined to electrocute the shirt off of him--something I'm sure plenty of women enjoyed. Once she drained herself of enough strength to hate him, he seemed to gain her forgiveness through self-deprecation. It was then that something extremely peculiar happened. Sylar succeeded in absorbing some of her power without slicing open her brain, but by simply pressing his forehead against hers and empathizing with her pain. Where the hell did that come from?

There were a few other things that were interesting to note in the last episode:
• Once again, Parkman fails to initially use his powers, choosing instead to call out to a comatose Angela rather than automatically reading her mind. He is so annoying.
Arthur didn't know that the eclipse was coming, but there's a chance--in my opinion--that he's been trying to figure out how to give people powers so that when the eclipse takes them away--since it gave it to them the first time it appeared--he can get them back.

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