Thursday, November 20, 2008

TV Topic: "Gossip Girl": Jenny's Return, Aaron Chooses, & Lily's Secret

Jenny got on my--and I'm sure a lot of other people's--nerves several times last season, but she officially hit a nerve when she had the audacity to try to emancipate herself and considered the idea of proving her parents are negligent. Really? It's just a clothing line Jenny. Wait 4 years and you can do whatever the hell you want. Jesus! She acts like she's trying to save the world or something.
Lily was trying to lend a helping hand by being a mediator between Jenny and Rufus. And while I enjoyed watching her and Eric spend Thanksgiving with the Humphreys for the second year in a row--provoked by Bart's snooping into her and her children's past--I was even more ecstatic by the fact that when Rufus called her to ask about Jenny, his caller ID name was "R Cell." Ooooohhhhh. Why so secretive Lily? I think it's clear, especially since Bart followed her to the Humphrey's and ordered his private investigator to keep snooping even deeper into her past, that there's going to be another huge tug-of-war for Lily's heart. Unless of course, Bart is the one to die in the next episode, making it less of a competition. Come on! There'll still be a competition. He no doubt stupidly left her in his will, and if she jumps into Rufus' bed right away, evil Chuck might come out to play.
• I wouldn't say that I relate to Blair. Throwing a hissy fit because she can't have the holidays the way she wants them is absurd, but there are some moments when I can't help but worship at her altar. For example, when she barked, "Who do you work for? Spill it!" to a trembling Dorota, I thought she sounded like a hysterically crazed 40s screen siren. (Side note: I love that Dorota's ringtone is "I'm a Slave for you." Oh so true.) But I really felt a connection to her when she reaffirmed what I said last week, "Remember, Serena doesn't share." Yeah Serena, you may have learned that sharing is caring, but I seriously doubt they were referring to boyfriends. Lucky for her--of course for her--Aaron decided to give monogamy a shot. Ahh those Upper East girls are highly underrated. Who knew that they had the power to turn hound dogs like Chuck and free spirited hippy polygamists like Aaron into one-woman men?
Aaron is starting to grow on me. Don't get me wrong. He's still kind of boring and sleazy, but refusing to read all of Serena's dirty secrets, which were nicely wrapped in a file compiled by Bart's investigator, was very noble. I totally would've read that shit. Although, I have to admit, who the hell would have time to? It's Thanksgiving and that thing was thicker than a Harry Potter book. One of the new facts we learned about Aaron, however, was sort of comical. He told Serena that he was sober. Let's be perfectly honest, so is Serena. She can call herself a social drinker all she likes, but there isn't one incident of her past that she can name that didn't involve booze. In fact, one of Dan's fondest memories of her--before he miraculously got her to date him--was when she was drunkenly stumbling through a city street in broad daylight. There's no need for Aaron to feel shame. He's like Madonna's kids--he has a free pass for life! There's nothing you can do that can top what's in those files, which I'm sure half of which she has no recollection of. By the way, that episode should've ended with the burning of all three of those folders. They could easily be an early Christmas gift to Gossip Girl, especially if a mournful Chuck seeks sweet revenge for his soon-to-be dearly departed daddy.
• Speaking of bombs being dropped, Eric admitted to having sifted through his mom's files, revealing that she had been in an institution too when she was younger. He wished she had told him, so that they could commiserate, but she claims that it's still too tender a subject. Let's hear it for the mom of the year. Suck it up bitch, your kid tried to kill himself and the other one was an alcoholic whore. No wonder she laughed when he answered "the nanny," to her question of "How did you get so wise?"--there's no denying it.

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