Friday, November 21, 2008

TV: ABC Cancels 3 Shows & The CW Cancels 2

Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies, and Eli Stone bit the dust. Say it aint so!!!

To be honest, I'm only really mourning "Daisies." The other two were only worthy of DVR, and even then I barely caught up. Each series will finish up the season, but only "Daisies" has plans for an after life. The creator is interested in finishing the story in a comic book format, referring to it as a "stand alone movie story." Does that mean there's a "Daisies" film in the works? Hmmm.

Astonishingly, "Private Practice" gets to move to Thursdays in the time slot of "Life on Mars," piggybacking off of "Grey's Anatomy." Meanwhile, "Life on Mars" will move to Wednesdays at 10 P.M. starting in January, in order to capitalize off of "Lost" ratings, which makes sense. It could be a Twilight Zone-themed night.

Over at The CW, someone finally came to their senses and canceled the horribly written "Valentine," and the series I never got around to watching, "Easy Money."

Will you miss any of these shows? Which ABC series should've bit the dust?

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