Saturday, December 20, 2008

ALBUM REVIEW: All-American Rejects' "When the World Comes Down" vs. McFly's "Radio Active"

All-American Rejects' When the World Comes Down
Three years ago I ate up their sophomore album, Move Along, and was completely surprised at how many tracks I grew addicted to (and still play). But their latest is something that needs to grow on you...if you have time. For those in need of a quick AAR fix, download these:
• "I Wanna": It's as catchy as "Swing Swing."
• "Give You Hell": This is definitely a crowd-pleasing, stadium-ready hit.
• "Falling Apart": It's a perfect example of the new sound they've been fiddling with that's sort of reminiscent of what Panic at the Disco has been dishing out.

McFly's Radio Active
As their first worldwide album, the young British band makes a semi-mellow, loving debut. But I'd wait for their sophomore effort. However, until then, download these:
• "Falling in love": This is a nice guitar-driven romantic song.
• "Corrupted": I prefer it when they get crazy and loud, and let loose. And they'd probably do better on this side of the pond if they stuck to more passionate music like this.

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