Saturday, December 20, 2008

TV's Mistletoe(-Worthy) Men

Last year on an episode of "Bones," Brennan and Booth kissed under the mistletoe, sparking blog comments that of all of the characters or actors to be stuck under the mistletoe with, David Boreanaz wasn't half bad. It inspired me to think of other TV actors worthy to be dubbed a Mistletoe Man and--while excluding Dexter, for obvious reasons--I came up with a Top 20 (in order of the night they appear):

Charles Carver
Age: Between 16-18
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His storyline this season, where he's basically a hopeless romantic that'll fall for any rom-com plot
What to DVR: ABC's "Desperate Housewives"
Up next: Possibly going to jail when the series returns next year.

Sam Trammell
Age: 37
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His aw-shucks demeanor and selfless acts-of-kindness
What to Rent: Season 1 of HBO's "True Blood"
Little-known Fact: Was nominated for a Tony in '98
Hot Little-known Fact: Super smart--studied at Brown University
Up next: The thriller Unshakable with Ving Rhames.

Michael Raymond-James
Age: 31
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His character's Southern Cajun drawl
What to Rent: Season 1 of HBO's "True Blood"
Little-known Fact: Had a dialect coach for his role
Hot Little-known Fact: Has the word 'Ohana' (which is Hawaiian for "family") tattooed over his heart.
Up next: He had a guest-spot on NBC's "Life," and hopefully he'll book more.

Ed Westwick
Age: 21
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: Um...he's Chuck Bass. Enough said.
What to DVR: The CW's "Gossip Girl"
What to Rent: Season 1 of "Gossip Girl"
Little-known Fact: A lot of people are still unaware that he's British.
Hot Little-known Fact: He's in the band The Filthy Youth
Up next: S. Darko, the sequel to Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko

Zachary Quinto
Age: 31
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His brooding wounded animal ploy and sinister voice
What to DVR: NBC's "Heroes"
Little-known Fact: He can't do the Vulcan hand sign with his right hand, since he's a lefty.
Hot Little-known Fact: He's been single for 2 years
Up next: Playing Spock in Star Trek, his first feature film.

Taylor Lautner
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His Twilight character's protectiveness and nervous gestures
What to DVR: The rest of NBC's canceled series "My Own Worst Enemy"
Go See: Twilight
Little-known Fact: He's French, Dutch, and German
Hot Little-known Fact: He's a black belt.
Up next: Hopefully, the sequel New Moon.

Michael Rady
Age: 27
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His character's modesty and stuttering speech.
What to DVR: ABC Family's "Greek"
What to Rent: CBS's "Swingtown" and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Little-known Fact: He's from Philly
Hot Little-known Fact: He surfs
Up next: The drama InSearchOf.

Daren Kagasoff
Age: 21
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: He's a bad boy with a devious smile
What to DVR: ABC Family's "Secret Life of the American Teenager"
Little-known Fact: He was hand-picked for his role
Hot Little-known Fact: His dad is a diamond dealer and his mom is a designer--wedding preparations are set.
Up next: Second season of his hit series, which returns January 5th

David Boreanaz
Age: 39
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His character's over confidence and corny jokes
What to DVR: FOX's "Bones"
What to Rent: The WB's "Angel" and "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer"
Little-known Fact: Was bullied as a child, so he became a football player in high school.
Hot Little-known Fact: Bypassed his machismo and married a Playboy playmate.
Up next: A girl's basketball drama called Our Lady of Victory.

Tristan Wilds
Age: 19
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: Those dimples, that smile...
What to DVR: The CW's "90210"
What to Rent: HBO's "The Wire" and The Secret Life of Bees
Little-known Fact: He's from Staten Island
Hot Little-known Fact: He's appeared in music videos for Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.
Up next: The drama Indelible and possibly a starring role in George Lucas' Tuskegee Airmen flick.

Ryan Eggold
Age: 24
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His troubled eyes and anguished expressions.
What to DVR: The CW's "90210"
What to Rent: FX's "Dirt"
Little-known Fact: He continues to recur on "Entourage," as a member of Johnny Drama's show-within-the-show.
Hot Little-known Fact: Is in the band Eleanor Avenue
Up next: The comedy he co-wrote with Adam Rose (who co-starred in the last season of "Veronica Mars") called Lunchers.

Michael Cassidy
Age: 25
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: He has the uncanny ability to play both an amazing listener to his female best friend and a manipulative jerk convincingly.
What to DVR: The CW's "Privileged"
What to Rent: The CW's "Hidden Palms"
Little-known Fact: He's married.
Hot Little-known Fact: Boldly auditioned for Superman Returns, and impressed McG enough to score a role on "The O.C."
Up next: A possible Josh Schwartz ("Gossip Girl") music-oriented web series called "Rockville, CA."

Joshua Jackson
Age: 30
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His quick wit and slick smile.
What to DVR: FOX's "Fringe"
What to Rent: The WB's "Dawson's Creek"
Little-known Fact: Screen-tested for Batman Begins
Hot Little-known Fact: Saved a drowning girl in Wilmington, while shooting "Dawson's Creek."
Up next: Rumored to be starring in Fletch Won, a sequel to Chevy Chase's infamous role.

Lee Pace
Age: 29
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His character's humble and shy personality.
What to DVR: The last season of ABC's "Pushing Daisies"
What to Rent: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
Little-known Fact: He's so passionate about his work that he never broke character while on the set of The Fall as a paralyzed stunt man, and convinced the entire crew that he was.
Hot Little-known Fact: Got his bag stolen in India, tackled the thief, and got it back.
Up next: The dramatic thriller Possession with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Simon Baker
Age: 39
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His sly smile and charm
What to DVR: CBS's "The Mentalist"
What to Rent: The romantic drama Something New
Little-known Fact: Nicole Kidman is the godmother to one of his children.
Hot Little-known Fact: Used to surf as a teen
Up next: The kidnapping thriller Not Forgotten with Paz Vega, a Hitchcock horror adaptation The Lodger with Shane West, and an Australian war drama Last Man with Guy Pearce.

Freddy Rodríguez
Age: 33
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His melodic voice and serene demeanor.
What to Rent: Season 2 of ABC's "Ugly Betty" or HBO's "Six Feet Under"
Little-known Fact: One of his sons played his son on "Six Feet Under"
Hot Little-known Fact: He married his high school sweetheart. All together now: awww.
Up next: The thrillers Identity and Fortuna.

John Krasinski
Age: 29
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His sardonic humor and hilarious facial expressions.
What to DVR: NBC's "The Office"
What to Rent: The romantic comedy Leatherheads
Little-known Fact: Taught English in Costa Rica
Hot Little-known Fact: If you find height to be a deciding factor in how hot a guy is, you'll be happy to know that not only is he 6' 3'', but his brothers are 6' 6" and 6' 10".
Up next: Sam Mendes' comedy Away We Go with Maggie Gyllenhaal, and his screenwriting and directorial debut of the adaptation of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.

Kevin McKidd
Age: 35
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: His intense stare and ability to speak volumes with just a simple phrase.
What to DVR: ABC's "Grey's Anatomy"
What to Rent: HBO's "Rome"
Little-known Fact: Studied engineering
Hot Little-known Fact: He's Scottish
Up next: The action-drama Bunraku with Demi Moore, the biopic Dylan, about the famous welsh writer Dylan Thomas, and the thriller Catwalk.

Robert Buckley
Age: 27
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: Has a way of making insecure women feel as attractive as they should.
What to DVR: What could be the last season of NBC's "Lipstick Jungle"
What to Rent: Lifetime's Flirting with Forty
Little-known Fact: Was once a chubby little tyke
Hot Little-known Fact: Used to be an economics consultant--so he can help you with your finances while looking uber hot
Up next: The straight-to-dvd scifi film Robot Battle and the western Legend of Hell's Gate.

Jeffrey Donovan
Age: 40
Mistletoe-Worthy Status: Plays a smooth and compassionate spy, who is incredibly intelligent.
What to DVR: USA's "Burn Notice"
What to Rent: TNT's "The Pretender"
Little-known Fact: Likes to garden
Hot Little-known Fact: Knows aikido and Brazilian jujitsu
Up next: 3rd season of his hit series returning Jan. 22nd

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