Friday, December 12, 2008

BUZZ: Golden Globe Nominations

You'll be surprised to discover that Tom Cruise was nominated for Best Supporting Role for Tropic Thunder, which he was in for less than 15 minutes, but unsurprised to discover that Heath Ledger scored one for The Dark Knight. I almost feel bad for the rest (Robert Downey, Jr. for Tropic Thunder, Ralph Fiennes for The Duchess, and Philip Seymour Hoffman for Doubt) who have to compete against a man who reinvented himself against all tabloid-odds and an artist of emotions who died before his time. However, the film, director, script, actors, and musical direction I'm rooting for are all involved with Slumdog Millionaire. Although, I know with a lot of serious dramas and adaptations on the roster, it'll have a tough time shining through.

I was kind of shocked that "True Blood" was nominated for Best TV Drama. I mean, I like it, but I don't think it's necessarily award-worthy over shows like "The Closer" or "Grey's Anatomy." But I guess they needed to give the new shows a shot, tapping "In Treatment" as well. I was also surprised to see "The Entourage" on the Best TV Comedy list, since this season seemed disjointed and heavier on the drama side than the comedic. To be honest, even "The Office" hasn't been that funny this season, due to its fudged Jim-Pam storyline, so my bet is on "30 Rock," even though I think CBS's consistently funny "Worst Week" should've been nominated too. As for Best Comedic Actress, why was Debra Messing nominated for "The Starter Wife"? That has to be a joke--one even funnier than Kevin Connolly ("The Entourage") being listed for Best Comedic Actor. Turtle is funnier than he is, and Julia Louis Dreyfuss ("The New Adventures of Old Christine"), who brings the funny every week, would've been a much better choice for the best actress nom. Lastly, I think it's unfair that they mushed together the supporting role nominations for TV shows and miniseries. It's much easier not to flub a character if you don't have to deliver every week for an entire season.

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