Friday, December 12, 2008

BUZZ: "Gossip Girl" Spinoff Update and more

• There are rumors that the "Gossip Girl" spinoff will showcase some of the show's characters, but not the actors, since it'll focus on Lily and Rufus' young love story. For those of you who are fascinated by the long lost lovers, this should be fantastic news. And for those of you who fast-forward through their dialogue, you might still want to tune in. After all, their backstory could reveal a lot about the future of Dan and Serena. So far, it's rumored to be set in New York during Rufus' rise to Rock 'n' Roll fame. Hmm, does that mean it'll take place in the 80s?
• On a random note, I keep seeing Marshall Allman and Noel Fisher everywhere lately. Allman, who played LJ on "Prison Break," guest starred on "Grey's Anatomy," "The Closer," "Eli Stone," and most recently "Life." Fisher, who played Cael on "The Riches," also guest starred on "Life," as well as "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "The Mentalist." Dave Franco, James Franco's little bro, is playing catch-up, having guest-starred on "Greek" and most recently "Privileged," after his FOX series "Do Not Disturb" was canceled.

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