Thursday, December 11, 2008

TRAILERS: Terminator Salvation, The Proposal, & Dragonball Evolution

Terminator Salvation: By the designs of the machines, it looks more like the Transformers are going to war with humans and the humans are equipped with Batman's uber cool gadgets, like his killer aerodynamically-configured motorcycle. Translation: Finally, a Terminator that we can get excited about.
The Proposal: When I first read the premise to this film, I became annoyed by Sandra Bullock's twenty millionth attempt to meet-cute with the latest low-key Hollywood hunk (i.e. not Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, but Keanu Reeves and Hugh Grant, or in this case Ryan Reynolds). It's about a power-hungry, strict businesswoman who has to marry her assistant to avoid being deported back to Canada. You know, because it's kind of hard to fulfill your career aspirations if you can't be in the same country as them. But then I saw the trailer and was pleasently surprised to discover how funny it actually is. Reynolds is up to his usual slapstick gestures and sexual resistance, but Bullock is on new terrain--not only playing the straight man, but a hard ass.
Dragonball Evolution: I knew it was going to be hard for me to get over the fact that Goku isn't Asian, in spite of the millions of Asian people all over the world, but the little green bad guy...I just...I can't. I'll admit that there are some fight scenes that are pretty cool, but they better pray to God the Comic Con fans give them the thumbs up or children everywhere blindly flock to theaters, otherwise we'll have another Speed Racer-type dud on our hands!

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