Thursday, December 11, 2008

BUZZ: Sylar's Dad, "Twilight" Update, Live-Action "Avatar" Cast & "Hairspray 2" Plot

• I guess HRG was telling the truth and Sylar isn't a Petrelli, because they've just cast his daddy on "Heroes." Apparently John Glover has the face of a man who fathers murderers, since he's gone from being Lionel Luthor on "Smallville" to spawning a genetically altered serial killer. According to EW, "When Sylar meets his father, he's going to see a path ahead of him that he doesn't want to take. He has a lot more in common with his father than he realized."
Twilight update: Rumors are going around that the studio isn't too keen on Taylor Lautner reprising his role as Jacob, because of his baby face, and that his manager is trying to get the special effects people behind the Curious Case of Benjamin Button to make him look good. While I do love (and I do mean love) Lautner, it would be more financially responsible to just hire someone new and blow their $50 million budget on stunts. Perez Hilton is saying that they're dropping Catherine Hardwicke because she wants to take her time with New Moon and get it right, but the producers are eager to slap it together and put it in theaters before the hype dies down. However, 1) everyone knows that the build-up is half the fun (i.e. as has been proven by Harry Potter, Bond movies, and almost every super hero flick) and 2) getting Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) to do the sequel isn't "slapping it together." Who wants a director who "needs more time"? How about someone who knows how to budget their time, but still get the job done right.
Hairspray 2 plot: "In the story, people hate Tracy (Nikki Blonsky) because she doesn’t lose weight even though she's now famous. Link (Zac Efron) experiments with drugs and has an ongoing dialogue with three pimples on his forehead caused by his mop-top Beatles hairdo. Edna (John Travolta) loses weight, but sees her husband (Christopher Walken) lusting after fat women and in one musical number gains the twenty pounds she lost in one sitting."
M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) finally cast his live action adaptation of the animated series "The Last Airbender." Noah Ringer will play Aang, Jackson Rathbone (Jasper in Twilight) will play Sokka, Nicola Peltz (Deck the Halls) will play Katara, and singer Jesse McCartney will play the exiled evil prince Zuko. I've seen Avatar's rabid fans in person at Comic Con, but I don't watch the show. However, even I can't imagine McCartney as the villain. Any fans want to chime in here?

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