Friday, December 05, 2008

TV: "Grey's Anatomy": Alex & Izzie, Christina & Owen, Lexie & Sloan, and more

On last night's episode, we learned that:
Alex has realized that he's madly in love with Izzie. Besides the fact that we realized a long time ago, I'm a little annoyed at his reasoning for being in love with her. I thought they had some kinetic attraction to each other that's bolstered by their love-hate relationship and their competitiveness, but it turns out it's one of those "you make me a better person" situations that makes me want to gag. Why is that a valid reason for being in love? Teachers make people better, mothers make people better, presidents (*cough*Obama*cough*) make people better, but that doesn't mean we should be in love with them. If you're relying on one person to define who you are and how you should be, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. People are flawed, terribly flawed. They make mistakes all of the time. To expect one person to stand on a pedestal and create a standard for you to live by is ridiculous. It's the same reason Christina and Burke's relationship failed. He made her a better doctor, then he started to suck, stole her thunder, and abandoned her. Huge disappointment! If Alex wants someone who gives him the confidence to do a solo surgery (GO ALEX!) and the strength to be a kinder and more compassionate man and doctor, then he should seek a mentor or a best friend, not a girlfriend. Love shouldn't be an inspiration. That's the easiest path to becoming a bitter, cynical, hateful bastard if it all goes terribly wrong.
Izzie is skipping out on surgeries and clinic duty to have sex with imaginary Denny. So I've deduced that this brain-trauma she has isn't half bad. Um, it might be killing her slowly, but at least it gives her--what she referred to as--mind-blowing orgasms. As I said yesterday, this situation is going to blow up in her face. Alex chose her to be his number 2 in the OR for his first solo surgery. He told her he loved her. If he finds out that she's been fantasizing about Denny all this time, semi-cheating on him, I don't think he'll brush it aside like he promised. Maybe he can handle her being depressed and reminiscing about Denny, but this is too much.
Sloan has very little self-control. He managed to stay away from Lexie for as long as he could, but she's like a stray dog who won't go away. He tried to shoo her, but she eventually showed up at his apartment and started stripping to the words "Teach me" repeated in a desperate voice. You know, Lexie may be squirmy and fidgety and nervous, but she's also pretty damn bold. Too bad she didn't use any of that aggressiveness with George.
Christina can refrain from speaking for a very long time. Sloan was the one assisting the only man on the planet who was desperate to hear his wife speak again, and here was Christina mute as a monk. She was concentrating on choosing the right doctor to do the solo surgery and on ignoring Meredith, who she was still pissed at for not backing her when the chief handed out punishments for allowing the interns to practice on each other. She eventually blew up at all of the residents because all of their interns were involved and she was the only one who was punished. The chief chose her to choose one of them, because all of the attendings had chosen her for the solo surgery. The honor was rightfully hers and she felt slighted. Ironically, this torture was the only reason the Asperger's-inflicted Dr. Virginia Dixon finally considered a position at the hospital. Luckily, Christina was rewarded in the end with a little loving from Owen, when he took her to the basement to feel the exhilaration of standing on a vent. It was a little cheesy, but it was nice to see Christina smiling again. If only the network (and the fans) would put aside their pettiness and let Dr. Burke come back just for one freaking episode. I would love love to see the look on his face when he sees her happy in another attending's arms, an attending who she isn't supposedly using to further her career and who won't ever take credit for it. God I hate that guy!
Sadie (a.k.a. Die, a.k.a that crazy bitch who wanted to cut out her own appendix) is the daughter of someone powerful enough that the chief can't kick her out of the program. Also, she's making the moves on Callie and it is wayyyy more entertaining to watch than it was with Erica. It's not just that Sadie's more attractive. She also happens to make Callie more nervous and more flustered, creating flirty moments that are pretty hilarious. It turns out girls behave like dorks no matter which gender they're interested in.

The tear-jerking moment of last night involved Meredith's case of teen sisters who were in a car accident, but couldn't stop yelling at each other long enough for the doctor's (mainly Sadie) to figure out that the oldest had a fractured skull. The youngest, a total kiss ass, was so frustrated by her sister's recklessness that she screamed, "I hope you die." Of course, I froze when I heard that and realized that it was probably going to happen, and it did. Not only did she pretty much die in the x-ray machine, bleeding out from the ears and nose, but Dr. Dixon had the audacity to inform the sister and her parents that they needed to harvest the organs immediately to save other people. Stressing that the goal of the hospital was to save lives not preserve emotions led to Christina making an educated decision in who would get the solo surgery, instead of an emotional one. But the real reason for the storyline was to make Meredith realize that whatever their argument was it didn't matter, because at any moment one of them could die and she didn't want the last thing that either one of them have said to each other be something argumentative. Her heart was sort of in the right place, but she went about it all wrong. What she did is important to the foundation of their friendship. They can't just brush it under the rug. Meredith had to convince the girl that her sister knew she loved her, but Christina doesn't doubt that Meredith loves her. The quarrel isn't on a personal level, it's on a professional one. Her job is her world and Meredith almost took that away.

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