Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The pop culture zeitgeist adds a lot of new words and phrases to our everyday vernacular. Here are a few from 2008 that I’ve deciphered for your future over-use:

Cheerleader Effect
n. When a group of girls/women look gorgeous simply by being in close proximity to one another, but are actually average or even hideous when examined separately. It’s also known as Bridesmaid Paradox and Spice Girls Conspiracy.
Source: One of Barney's many helpful observations on "How I Met Your Mother."

The Express
n. It's when a girl who is believed to be promiscuous goes "downtown" without any stops. Source: Sage's catty insult on “Privileged

Freshman 15
n. It's when you sleep with 15 girls during your freshman year of college.
Source: Chuck's lewd meaning of the term on “Gossip Girl

The 4 G's
n. The essential people who affect a girl’s decision: Guys, Girlfriends, and Gossip Girl.
Source: “Gossip Girl

n. A girl who loses her virginity to a Lacrosse player.
Source: Blair refers to her young protege's competition as Muffy the Lacrosstitute, since she was trying to lose her virginity to a jock on "Gossip Girl

v. You go out of town, but instead of getting a hotel room, you go straight to a bar with the sole intention of hooking up with a girl just so you have a place to stay. Also known as "banging for roof."
Source: According to Barney and Robin on "How I Met Your Mother."

adj. It’s the order that a room’s furniture is in so that no one can see the porn on your computer screen.
Source: "Rules for Engagement"

Spite Invite
n. It's when you invite someone to act as your fake date in order to piss off your real significant other.
Source: “Brothers & Sisters

Snow day
n. A person who makes someone else feel as free and elated as they would if they got to miss a day of school due to bad weather.
Source: Jesse's description of Betty when she got him a gig at a fake Mode after party. "Ugly Betty"

n. A guy who misleads someone into sleeping with you.
Source: According to Andy on "The Office."


Gay for Jamie
We’ve heard of man crushes and bromances, but it wasn’t until Frank became obsessed with Liz’s underaged boy toy that we were exposed to a brand new phrase that pretty much unveils the true meaning behind those two terms.
Source: “30 Rock

"I Call Slut"
You may do this if the only thing standing between your friend and sex is clothes.
Source: “How I Met Your Mother

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