Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SPOILERS: Chuck's Lost Memory on "Gossip Girl," Callie & Arizona on "Grey's," and more

"Gossip Girl"
Chuck will wake up in a hotel with little memory of what happened the night before. That pretty much sounds like a Tuesday for him. But I guess since he's supposed to be on the straight and narrow these days after rejoining the Van der Woodsen gang, it's a little disconcerting.
• According to EW's Ausiello, "It just might come to pass that Serena and Blair find themselves in a situation where they have no recourse other than to recruit Georgina Sparks." O. M. G. I really hope this is because of Miss Carr. I so very much want her to be a devil in disguise. That sweet little girl from the country crap won't fly with me. There's a reason she got where she is at such a young age, and it isn't because of her smile.

"The Office"
Ryan will make a "dramatic" return later in the season. Hmm, should Kelly take him back or would playing hard to get be more amusing?

• In April, Tori Spelling will return to the zip code as Donna, and we'll meet Dixon's birth mother. Oh my god! Is it Tori? lol I'm kidding. I would never wish such fresh hell on such a tortured soul.

The good news: Someone's finally going to start noticing how peculiar Chuck's lifestyle is. I vote for either Ellie or Morgan. The bff would be funnier, but if his sister finds out, she might at least stop worrying so much.
The bad news: The writers are trying to shove all of the necessary plot lines into the next 10 episodes in case there isn't another season. Tear.
Good news to soften the blow of the bad news: Jordana Brewster will return to play Chuck's backstabbing ex Jill in the season finale!

"Grey's Anatomy"
Denny will still be a figment of Izzie's imagination all the way through March. By April, she'll be diagnosed with something that'll cure even us...of sheer boredom.
• That new doc, Arizona, who pisses Bailey off, is actually developing into a love interest for Callie. Did not see that coming, since she's the most unsexualized character on the series, besides Bailey and the chief.
• In the Feb. 12th "Private Practice"-crossover episode, Callie will get advice from Addison that'll help her cope with her feelings for Arizona. Also, several of the doctors will be transferring to Addison's hospital for the day, while she's at there's, forcing us to watch her f*ing series. Won't that be confusing? I haven't seen that show since November. I tuned in last week and two of the characters, who used to barely acknowledge each other, were in a sexual relationship. The mean Southern doc from the major hospital had started her own practice and suddenly grew a heart when her daddy died. That guy who gave Stella her groove back is dating again, after trying to get his ex-wife away from the male nurse, who I think has a baby on the way. What? I am so freaking confused. They better fill us in or I'm just going to pretend like that episode was a figment of my imagination.

"Pushing Daisies"
• There are three final episodes, but there's a chance we won't get to see them until the DVD is released, which--for some of us unlucky Netflixers--means a year of seeing that "Very Long Wait" notice. They should add another one, like "Ridiculously Long Wait! Just Go Buy It. Have a Viewing Party in Your Neighborhood!"

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