Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SPOILERS: Gossip Girl, Grey's, Burn Notice, Terminator, and more

• Chuck will team up with an unexpected ally against Jack to regain control over his father's company on Gossip Girl. Promo images are showing Lily, but I would be more entertained if it were Dan. However, if it was Lily, then that might answer the question of who and why she gets attacked. Also, someone will be pregnant by the end of the season and they're saying it's not Lily, Serena, or Jenny. Hmmm. Another blogger speculated that it could be Eleanor or Vanessa, but I pray--since Blair already had a scare--that it's Georgina with a surprise baby daddy. Lastly, not everyone who's graduating is going to college. I'm guessing Chuck might've screwed up his chances or maybe Nate can't afford it. But let's hope we won't be subjected to a year of watching Serena do nothing.
Ugly Betty's Anna Ortiz is pregnant. While it won't be written into the show, they might claim that Hilda is gaining weight. I wonder if that will have an affect on her Queens ego. You know a girl gotta look good.
• Someone's getting proposed to on the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. With Meredith's track record, I bet on anyone else--but mostly Izzie...and it better not be in her freaking imagination.
• We'll find out who burned Michael on the season finale of Burn Notice this Spring, as well as have the pleasure of watching him finally get over his issues and jump into the hay with Fiona.
• In the next chapter of Heroes, we'll meet Sylar's real dad, played by John Glover (Lex Luthor on "Smallville").
• A major character will die on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. I seriously doubt they'd kill off Brian Austin Green's character Derek. He's what made the show interesting again...before they made him boring.
• While HBO's True Blood will be returning this summer, CBS has canceled Swingtown.
• I previously reported that there will be 4+ Prison Break episodes left in the series, but it has been recently confirmed that there will be six. Hmm, I wonder if Gretchen or T-Bag will make it out alive. Or if Michael and Sara will get them matching coffins.
• I guess Lipstick Jungle is truly canceled, since Robert Buckley got a gig playing the editor-in-chief of the magazine that Will and Megan will start working at on the last two episodes of Privileged. Maybe with some in-office eye-candy, Megan might stray.

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