Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FILM: Steve McQueen Biopic Casting

The rights to Marshall Terrill's biography Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel have been purchased and now all we need are a few good men to play the legendary actor. Most people would just peg Brad Pitt for the role. Fair-haired and handsome. Check. Check. But here are my suggestions:

First up is my #1 choice: Damien Lewis. You may know him from "Band of Brothers" or even Dreamcatcher, but you love him if you watch NBC's "Life." Dye his hair blondish and he could play McQueen at all ages.

Next is the most bankable choice: Daniel Craig. Rugged? Check! Rebellious-looking? Check! Only problem? The accent. And let's be honest, if the Brits don't want an American to play Bond, Americans probably don't want McQueen played by a Brit.
Wishful-thinking has me hoping that "Prison Break" won't be Wentworth Miller's last gravy train. He may not look exactly like McQueen, but he has the same squinty-eyed stare and air of mystery. The only foreseeable problem is that he doesn't seem to age, even though he's 36-years-old.

28-year-old Charlie Hunnam might be a huge stretch, but he could pull off a young McQueen. If you watch his FX series "Sons of Anarchy," you know he has the biker bad boy in him.

But honestly, in my opinion, if Heath Ledger were alive, this wouldn't even be a topic of discussion.

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