Monday, January 12, 2009

TV: "Lipstick Jungle" Series Finale?

Friday night, I watched what I thought to be the last "recorded" episode of "Lipstick Jungle," but when it ended with a 2-minute montage of all the best moments of the series, I realized it might actually be the very last episode.

So how did it end? Wendy allowed her husband to go on tour and grew closer to her melodramatic daughter. Nico accidentally confesses her undying love to Kirby on national morning television, and he declares that he'd do anything to be with her, so she ditches Griffin and smiles a big enough smile to suggest she'll be taking him back and having his baby. And Victory may not have gotten her father's blessing to marry Joe, but the groom-to-be did decide that having a big family wedding would be the best plan to convince him that he wasn't trying to steal his little girl away.

Hmm, so what more do I need to see to complete the series? Honestly? I just want to see Victory's wedding dress. ;)


  1. I really hope that this series does not get cancelled!! I am so tired of reallity t.v.

  2. This show is just like sex and the city.I watch lipstick jungle online.

  3. Great blog.I love this show.I watch Lipstick Jungle episodes many times.I never get bored of this show.