Thursday, January 22, 2009

TV REVIEW: "Lie to Me"

HUMOR: 2.5/5
Who Would Like It: Viewers who enjoy learning crime-busting techniques with a side of humor.

The FOX series starring Tim Roth is about an agency of human lie detectors, who examine gestures, posture, voice inflections, and word choices to determine whether or not a suspect, or even a client, is lying. While it was cool to see them nitpick at a suspected criminal like Brenda does on "The Closer," notice lie indicators like on "Psych," and display a certain amount of humorous unprofessionalism like the lead does on "House," I was mostly intrigued with how their specialty affects their everday life. Roth's character Cal Lightman doesn't seem to be able to turn off his ability. If they were to tap into that more--exploring his relationship with his teenage daughter, his ex-wife, and his partner Gillian (Kelli Williams from "The Practice")--then I might be persuaded to tune in again. Although, I have to admit, learning how to tell when people are lying does have its perks.

Best Dialogue
• "Have you had any specialized deception training?" Lightman asks his newest recruit Ria (newcomer Monica Raymund), to which she responds, "I've dated a lot of men."
• As Gillian's about to meet up with a political client, Lightman tells her: "Charge him by the lie, you can retire tomorrow."
• Lightman tries to justify the profession of escorts by saying something to the affect of: "We all pay for sex one way or another, at least they're honest about the price up front."

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