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TV: Spring 2009 Schedule - Returning Shows & New Shows

5th - Monday
Gossip Girl (CW) - 8PM
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC FAM) - 8 PM
Tune Back in For: The wedding and the birth
7th - Wednesday
Damages (FX) - 10PM
8th - Thursday
The Office (NBC) - 9PM
30 Rock (NBC) - 9:30PM
9th - Friday
Monk (USA) - 9PM
Psych (USA) - 10PM
11th - Sunday
24 (FOX) - 8PM
12th - Monday
Big Bang Theory (CBS) - 8PM
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) - 8:30PM
Kyle XY (ABC FAM) - 9PM
Two and a Half Men (CBS) - 9PM
Worst Week (CBS) - 9:30PM
15th - Thursday
The Beast (A&E) - 10PM
It's a crime drama about a veteran FBI agent (Patrick Swayze), who gets a new partner (Travis Fimmel from the WB's short-lived "Tarzan") that doesn't know he's been recruited for the sole purpose of investigating him.
Why you should see it: Because 80s stars (like Christian Slater and Andrew McCarthy) are making a comeback.
16th - Friday
Friday Night Lights (NBC) - 9PM
Tune Back in For: Riggins and Lyla's budding relationship, Tyra's new boyfriend, Smash and Jason's last episodes, and so much more.
18th - Sunday
United States of Tara (SHO) - 10PM
Toni Collette plays multiple characters as a woman who "struggles to find a balance between her dissociative identity disorder and raising a dysfunctional family." It was created by Steven Spielberg and written by Diablo Cody.
21 - Wednesday
Lost (ABC) - 8PM
Tune Back in For: Watch the previews--I'm too excited to peak.
Lie to Me (FOX) - 9PM
A psychological crime dramedy about a team of professional lie detectors (Reservoir Dog's Tim Roth, The Practice's Kelli Williams, Law & Order: SVU's Monica Raymond, and The Middleman's Brendan Hines) who assist the police and the government in nabbing criminals.
Why you should see it: Because the truth is actually a whole lot more interesting than you think and because Hines plays a character who is so disgusted by lies that he's decided to practice "radical honesty," which basically means he always says exactly what he thinks--no matter how insulting.
22nd - Thursday
Burn Notice (USA) - 10PM
Tune Back in For: ...Michael, duh!
26th - Monday
The Closer (TNT) - 9pm
Tune Back in For: The news on whether Detective Sanchez made it after taking one in the chest for Sgt. Provenza.
Trust Me (TNT) - 10pm
An advertising dramedy about two best friends who have to learn to work together despite their drastically different work ethics now that the more responsible one (Will & Grace's Eric McCormack) has been promoted to a superior position above the other (Ed's Thomas Cavanagh).
Why you should see it: Because unfortunately--if you're interested in insider ad knowledge--"Mad Men" won't be back for a while.

2 - Monday
Heroes (NBC) - 9PM
4 - Wednesday
Life (NBC) - 9PM
Tune Back in For: While it may be pretty clear that Charlie is still alive, don't you want to know whether he'll respond to his attempted murder in a zen-like manner?
13 - Friday
Dollhouse (FOX) - 9PM
This long-awaited series from Joss Whedon is about "a futuristic laboratory assigns different tasks to its various residents, who then have their memories erased upon the completion of their assignments." Eliza Dushku stars.
Why you should see it: Think of it as "Bionic Woman," if she had no idea who she was, followed orders properly, and had better lines.
15 - Sunday
Eastbound & Down (HBO) - 10:30PM
It's a comedy series starring Danny McBride (Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express, and The Foot Fist Way), where he plays an ex-baseball player who becomes a gym teacher at his old middle school.
Why you should see it: Will Ferrell, the executive producer, and McBride say: "It's a funny twist on how the hometown hero who goes on to great things in professional baseball...[thinks he] deserves all of this redemption without putting any work into a real redemption." Watch a sneak peak.

9 - Monday
Castle (ABC) 10PM
A crime dramedy about a mystery author (Nathan Fillion from Serenity) with writer's block who is recruited by a detective to help solve the case of a copy-cat killer who stages crimes based on scenes in his novels.
Why you should see it: Because it's a nice change from the hundreds of variations of CSI's and Law & Order's.
15- Sunday
Kings (NBC) - 8PM [new date]
It's a modern take on the story of King David, starring Ian McShane ("Deadwood"), Sebastian Stan (The Covenant), and Christopher Egan ("Vanished" and Resident Evil: Extinction). Watch a preview.
17 - Tuesday
Reaper (CW) - 9PM
Tune Back in For: Sock gets a new hot Japanese stepsister (Eriko Tamura from "Heroes") and Ben has a secret relationship with a demon named Nina. Unfortunately, Jessica Stroup, who played the girl suspected of being the devil's daughter, is now a regular on "90210," so who knows if she'll be back. In the first episode, Sam will try to figure out how to get out of his deal.
23 - Monday
Roommates (ABC Family) - 9PM
It follows the romantic entanglements of two guys and two girls who live together.
Why you should watch: If you're looking for a potential replacement for "Friends"...but not real friends though.
23 - Monday
Sophie (ABC Family) - 9:30PM
Sophie Parker's (Natalie Brown) fiance "dumped her for her best friend, opens up a rival talent agency, and steals all her top clients. Her only remaining client just happens to be her late father's eccentric mistress, which puts Sophie's mom on the warpath." If that isn't bad enough, she has a new baby boy who "brings an unexpected surprise that throws everyone for a loop."
Why you should watch: Because there aren't enough female leads on TV.
26 - Thursday
In the Motherhood (ABC) - 8PM
A group of unconventional and overworked moms stumble through the trials of parenting...sometimes because they're drunk. It's "Desperate Housewives" minus the drama.
Why you should watch: It marks Megan Mullally's ("Will & Grace") return to TV.
29 -Sunday
The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (HBO) - 8PM
It's based on Alexander McCall Smith's best-selling novel. Singer Jill Scott solves mysteries in Botswana.
Why you should see it: The 2-hr premiere is directed by the belated Anthony Minghella (The English Patient).
30 - Wednesday
Greek (ABC Family) - 8PM
Tune Back in For: An all-out war between Casey and Franny, and singer Jesse McCartney's freshman frat initiation.
31 - Thursday
Cupid (ABC) - 10PM
The story of a God (Bobby Cannavale from "Will & Grace") who must match up soulmates in order to return to his home, while his therapist (Sarah Paulson from "Studio 60") tries to cure him of his delusions.
Why you should see it: Because Rob Thomas, who wrote the original series with Jeremy Piven, is the one reviving it. Watch a

My Boys (TBS) - TBA
Why you should tune back in: Because we have to find out if PJ stays with Bobby's brother or if Bobby finally gets up the nerve to tell PJ how he feels. Plus, you know wherever Kenny and Stefanie's relationship is going it'll be fun to watch.

8 - Wednesday

The Unusuals (ABC) - 10PM
A dramedic cop series about New York detectives who handle the bizarre cases that no other precinct wants to take on.
Why you should watch: Because all of the cops have something to hide. Plus, Amber Tamblyn (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and newcomer Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) are on board.
9 - Thursday
Parks & Recreation (NBC) - 8:30PM [new date]
It's a political mockumentary about a local government official who wants to become the first female president of the United States. *cough*Sarah Palin*cough*

Why you should watch: Because Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones ("The Office"), and Aziz Ansari ("Human Giant") are in it.
19 - Sunday

Sit Down, Shut Up (FOX) - 8:30PM
An animated cartoon about an unorthodox high school staff.
Why you should see it: Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Henry Winkler are among the cast of voices.
Glee (FOX) - Special Preview
A comedy series about a high school glee club.
Why you should see it: If you like music and deadpan humor, you'll love this.
Watch a preview!


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  1. Unfortunately, Jessica Stroup will not be back for S2 of Reaper, even though Michelle Farakas said they really wanted her to return. For more Reaper news, you can subscribe to Reaper DMV News, and for Reaper spoilers (up to 2x13), go to Reaper DMV Spoilers. Use the password "broken circle". Thanks!