Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NYC Comic Con 2009: NBC's "Chuck"

SPOILERS for the season:
Big Mike will start dating Morgan’s mom.
Jenny McCarthy will guest star to seduce Chuck.
Chuck will eventually get to shoot guns.
Andy Richter will guest star.
• The boys are going to throw Captain Awesome a bachelor party, where he might kiss a stripper.
Morgan & Anna start dating again.
Ellie meets her dad (Scott Bakula from "Quantum Leap") and isn’t too happy to see him.
Aaron Ipale (the monster in The Mummy) will be a bad guy.
• Fulcrum finds out who he is.
• I think Chevy Chase is head of Fulcrum.
• His dad is a spy too.
Sarah will have a fight scene in a car.
• We’ll find out if Chuck is being paid for his help.
Chuck Klosterman inspired the show's title. Plus, it was an everyman name.
Tony Hale (Emmett) will stay on for the whole season.
Sarah will have a steamy relationship with another spy.
We'll learn that Jeff and Lester have a band called Jeffster.
Chuck will have his first kill and his own cool spy move.

Josh Schwartz
Chuck is reminiscent of Fletch.
• Since Chuck was preempted by Obama, Schwartz said, “It seems his first order of business is to destroy Chuck.”
Baldwin is a very detailed actor. The Reagan picture was his idea.
• "Chris Fedak is Casey. When he writes Casey's scenes--I've seen it--he writes with an angry face."
• A young fan asked if Casey got a robotic toe after it was blown off, and Schwartz replied, "He does now--as of today." Then the girl asks, "Does that mean he's like Darth Vader?"
• He admitted that all of the show's father figures are Star Trek actors.
• He wants to do an episode set at Comic Con, but it's difficult to maneuver.

Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah)
• The most fun she’s had on set was the shower scene with Nicole Richie.
• The worst was the rooftop scene with Michael Clark Duncan, because it was so hot and she was wearing a full-body black suit.

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