Monday, February 09, 2009

NYC Comic Con 2009: Terminator Salvation

About the film:
• The film that takes place in the future is about Skynet kidnapping people to replicate their human tissue for the new machines, creating the first Terminators who look like humans. It's "how does Skynet get to that place of proficiency, what machines did they go through, how did they get that realistic T-800 to go beyond'll see the becoming of Kyle Reese, you'll see the becoming of the machines, and most particularly you'll see how John Connor becomes the leader of the resistance."
• In this clip, the director McG explains that this is the story of how John Connor "ascends" to the responsibility of leading the resistance, and how he has the same type of destiny as Peter Parker, who was told that “with great power comes great responsibility,” and Skywalker, who was the chosen one.

McG said he knows that James Cameron finished the story after the second film, disregarding the 2003 third installment. Then he said he wanted the grit of the first three Star Wars flicks as opposed to the last three, and everybody laughed. Here he explains the process of getting the film made, what it took to get Christian Bale to do the film, and who he chose to record the film's score. (Plus, he places a call to Bale and gets his wife instead.):

Continuity: "It's largely T1 and T2 with a healthy dose of T3 with respect to timelines. And then filling in the blanks and hopefully answering a lot of questions down to the weapons that Kyle Reese wears and why he's able to be so handy with a shotgun, and where his strap comes from, and lines such as 'Pain can be controlled, you just disconnect it.'" "We don't reach 2033, so we don't have to worry about that. We do honor Judgement Day as articulated in T3."

• There’s a chance that Sarah Connor will appear in the film as more than an image that John carries around. As for whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in it or in any sequels:

About McG's career
• When someone mentioned why he thinks he can handle this project, he admits that he started off with Charlie’s Angels because “we all need a big break.” Then someone yells out “Charlie’s Angels 3,” and he responds, “Call Amy Pascal at Sony,” so I guess he’s interested.
• He explained that he had a rough patch in the past and decided to refocus himself. He went to two professional therapists and worked out his fear of flying, and then did We Are Marshall, a film about a plane crash, to face his fear.

About Christian Bale's Outburst
• When someone asked him about the whole Bale-outburst, he started screaming, “What don’t you fucking understand? You and me are done professionally,” basically mocking Bale. Then he went on to explain how he handled the situation and how he feels about the remixes circulating the Internet:

He then explains the gravity of the situation and that it was blown out of proportion:

During the 6-minute mixture of scenes:
John Connor (Bale) says it’s not the same future his mother told him of.
Anton Yelchin (Charlie Bartlett) plays Kyle Reese, and he gets to say the line, "Come with me if you want to live,” like Arnold once said.
Sam Worthington plays Marcus Wright, who lost his memory, and John has to figure out if he was sent from the future or rescued from the past. In the scenes shown where Marcus interacts with Kyle, he doesn’t seem to realize that there are killer robots around. That could be because of his amnesia or because he’s from the past. Kyle initially saves him from giant robots, but when Kyle is kidnapped for the replication experiment, Marcus sets out to save him. He must in order for Kyle to eventually go back in time and make John.
Moon Bloodgood (“Journeyman”) plays Marcus’s Sarah-like love interest.


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