Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TRAILERS: Funny People, Fame, The Boat That Rocked, and Trucker

Fame: The musical remake is underway. Here's a sneak peak at the new cast with a few familiar faces, like Kay Panabaker ("Summerland"), Anna Maria Perez de Tagle (Camp Rock), and Walter Perez ("Friday Night Lights").
RELEASE DATE: September 25

Trucker: Michelle Monaghan (Eagle Eye) plays an untraditional mom who has to take care of her son now that his dad is dying from cancer. Slowly she learns to love herself by learning to love him.

The Boat That Rocked: In this comedy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman teams up with a couple of Brits (Bill Nighy, Gemma Arterton, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, and Nick Frost) to tell the story of a bunch of bachelors who run an illegal radio station on a boat in the 1960s. It looks pretty funny.

Funny People: Adam Sandler plays a terminally ill comedian--WAIT!!--who decides to take an aspiring comedian (Seth Rogen) under his wing so that he can form a genuine frienship before he goes. In the process, he realizes that he's not over the girl of his dreams (Leslie Mann from Knocked Up) who is married to a hot Australian (Eric Bana from Hulk) and has two kids. Just when you think it'll end sappy--despite all of the hilarious jokes within every miniclip--you learn that he gets a second chance at life and maybe even at love. Here are a few hilarious lines:
• "The one that got away: guy's have that...and serial killer's have that."--Adam on stage. I never thought of how disturbingly true that is.
• "You're hiding some Judaism."--Adam to Seth. "I don't think I can hide that. My face is circumsized." --Seth responds.
• "Her husband's going to kill us. He's from Australia. They kill things there."--Seth to Adam
• One of Seth's friends tell him that a candle near his dying grandfather's bedside flickered and they thought he went to heaven, and Jonah Hill responded, "You don't pass through fire to go to heaven. I think he went to hell."
Oh dear god, I'm going to die laughing at this movie:


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