Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BUZZ: Meredith's Brother on "Grey's," Death on "Lost," Rady in "Melrose Place," Wahlberg & Ferrell, and more

• "Grey's Anatomy": There's a rumor that Meredith is getting a biracial 20-something brother next season, who is a product of her mother and the chief's affair. Maybe we'll get a hint from Christina's avid reading of her private journals.

• "Greek": Dale and Rusty might become roommates again, and Rebecca will pretend to have allegiance to one sorority (Franny's new regime?) while secretly in alliance with another (Casey's?).

• "90210": Sara Foster (The Big Bounce) was cast as Naomi's big (neglectful) sister.

• "Burn Notice": Adding to Michael's already mounting troubles, a Miami detective will soon start to investigate his true identity. I mean, the police must think its weird that some guy is going around doing their job for them...without a cape or spandex.

• "Prison Break": There's a rumor that the series finale will end with a flashforward of Michael and Sara living happily ever after with their child. What? You thought he was going to die?

• "The Mentalist": Patrick will be temporarily blind in one episode and it's said to be quite entertaining as blindness can be, of course.

• "Dollhouse": We will soon meet Alpha...without realizing it. Although, I'm assuming that whoever it is will not come into contact with anyone who has already met him and who doesn't get their memories wiped often, which means it can't be any of the clients, so that kind of narrows it down...unless he gets plastic surgery.

• "Lost": A semi-major character will die. It's been confirmed that Juliet is considered fully major, so it won't be her. Sonya Walger, who plays Penny, isn't though. Tear. She's even more likely to be the future deceased since she just scored the lead in a new ABC conspiracy theory series called "Flash Forward." However, the studio is claiming that she'll work both into her schedule. Also, the season finale will introduce two new characters: "Jason is a former soldier whose gravitas makes him a natural-born Pied Piper; and Samuel is a J.R. Ewing (minus the Stetson, accent, and drunk wife) whose day isn't complete without a corporate takeover."

• It's official! "Lipstick Jungle" had its weeds whacked. Lindsay Price, who played the bubbly Victory, just signed on for ABC's newest drama "The Witches of Eastwick." Yeah, it's based on that 1987 film with Jack Nicholson, Susan Sarandon, Cher, and Michelle Pfeiffer. The plot is tweaked in that it'll follow three young witches who are coming into their powers. Lindsay will play "a hardworking, shy reporter for the local newspaper." Newcomer Jaime Ray Newman has also signed on. There's one more lead role to cast, and since Jaime is a brunette/red head, I'm guessing whoever it is will be blonde as the three-female-leads trend usually goes. In regards to Lindsay's previous series being canceled, to be fair, Lindsay has been quoted as saying that "Lipstick Jungle" still isn't dead, and that this new role is secondary. Um, ok.

• Could the "Dollhouse" be folding already? Amy Acker, who plays a scarred doctor on the series, just signed on for the small-town murder mystery "Happy Town," where she'll play Geoff Stults' ("October Road") wife. She isn't exactly a main character, but her story hasn't even been told yet...unless Alpha returns to finish her off. (She was the other survivor besides Echo in the massacre.)

Michael Rady has been a hot commodity in Hollywood ever since he made his big screen debut in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants back in 2005. First he scored a role in CBS's racy "Swingtown," then he courted Casey in "Greek," and now he's the first to be cast in the CW's "Melrose Place" reboot. He'll "play Jonah Miller, a cute and quirky 25-year-old aspiring filmmaker who makes his living as a videographer of weddings and bar mitzvahs for the rich and famous after moving to Los Angeles with his fiancee a year ago." It's supposed to be a throwback to a former character named Billy, who was a struggling writer.

Cole Hauser has a new gig following the cancellation of his FOX cop series "K-Ville." He'll play the lead in the CBS series "Washington Field," where an elite FBI team handles crises around the world.

Samuel L. Jackson is officially Nicky in, he signed on to play him for 9 Marvel comic films (Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers, etc.). So no matter what movie includes the character, he'll always be the Nick Fury. I wish they did that with all comic book characters. They're making Justice League now and Christian Bale and Brandon Routh won't be playing Batman and Superman. Super lame.

• Speaking of heroic figures, another comic book adaptation called Suicide Squad is in the works. It follows "a team of supervillains given one last shot at redemption by the government by accomplishing missions that will most likely kill them." I hope it won't be campy or tongue-in-cheek. I want to see some scary bastards doing these deeds.

• A Total Recall remake is in the works, which will continue to explore the underlying theme of reality vs. delusion...but, you know, with action.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are teaming up for a buddy cop action comedy called B Team. If there is a God, they'll figure out a way to work in "Say hello to your mother for me."

• I'm not sure what it means when they say Peter Baynham, the guy who writes for Borat and Bruno, has been tapped to write the Arthur remake with comedian Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) in the lead. Is it safe to say that chaos will ensue? If you don't recall, the story is about a "boozy playboy whose plan to marry into a moneyed family goes awry when he falls in love with a working class gal." I can't wait to see who they picked for the female lead. I hope it's someone who looks seemingly corruptible, like Anna Paquin ("True Blood").

• Ok, this last bit of news is completely irrelevant and not really my style, but there's a rumor that Zac Efron proposed to Vanessa Hudgens. The only reason why I'm reporting this is because I thought since they already graduated in High School Musical, there would thankfully never be another sequel (the second and third kind of sucked). But then earlier this week I realized they could actually make a fourth movie called High School Reunion Musical, and I'm worried they might concoct some ungodly creation like High School Sweethearts Get Married Musical (or something like that). Please Zac, I know Vanessa doesn't have any, but please maintain some self-respect.

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