Thursday, February 26, 2009

TV Topic: "Privileged" Season Finale

In every season of a series, characters evolve:

Megan started off as...a naive, boyfriend-less, aspiring journalist, who neglected her family and failed to reign in the materialistic twins she had to tutor.
Now...she's diligently working on a draft of her first book. She's a consistent role model to Sage and Rose. She's managed to develop a semi-healthy relationship with her sister and relinquish herself from daddy-babysitting duties. And most importantly, she not only has a boyfriend, but prospects for a new one. What's that? No, not the editor-in-chief of the magazine she masterminded—and yet was banned from joining—but the hot British guy she drunkenly slept with after Will dumped her. Way to evolve Megan! *shakes head in shame*

Sage started off as...a feisty and self-centered fame whore, who was so jealous of the budding bffness between Rose and Megan that she often plotted against her.
Now...she's curbed the sarcasm for self-analysis. She canned the Hollywood takeover, which was revealed to be her attempt at making enough money to care for her little sister without Laurel's charity, and opened herself to new possibilities. She lightened up on Megan, realizing she wasn't a threat. And she started dating Louise, who tamed the she-devil within and brought out the softer side of Sage. But most importantly, she developed a strong sense of self, choosing to dump Louise because of his homophobic religious qualms against Marco's pending gay marriage.

Rose started off as...a sweet pushover who trailed her big sis and had an overwhelming obsession with all things wealthy.
Now...she's on a quest to develop her own identity and become independent from all the people who think she's incapable of even dressing herself. She's also more selfless, always concerned about Megan getting along with her family and Sage getting the guy she wants. The new independence streak is a definite improvement.

Will started off obnoxious playboy prick who thought he deserved some sort of standing ovation because he was trying to get photographer jobs without his wealthy father's influence.
Now...he's working his butt off to prove himself at his dad's magazine while struggling with the fact that he only got the job because the editor-in-chief was ordered to give it to him. He's falling in love with Megan and gradually (at molasses speeds) becoming a better person because of her. But he's also venturing into new territory with this whole monogamous situation, which is turning him into a bit of a jealousy monster. I guess Prince Charming can't be charming all the time.

I think all in all it wasn't a bad freshman season. I learned a lot about these folks. However, I can't say I'll miss all of them if they go. Will is wearing on me and Rose is awfully boring when she's being responsible. I want some more romance and journalism thrown in there. wink wink Robert Buckley wink wink!

One other note, before I close up shop, includes this in the season finale synopsis blurb: "Megan and Lily discover that Arthur is drinking again and that Shelby wants him to give her another chance." But that didn't happen in the episode...I think. All I remember is Megan saying that her father's not answering her phone calls. I would imagine that if that had happened, Megan would be frantic to stop him from taking that thieving bitch back. Oh well, maybe they added it to next season...assuming there will be one.

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