Saturday, February 14, 2009

TV HIGHLIGHTS: 90210's Valentine, Privileged's Buckley Addition, Cat Lovin' on "The Office," and more

"You're like the Jar Jar Binks of the Hofstadter family."--Raj to Leonard after discovering that he's considered the dumb one in the family.

"I don't know how that snake bit you on the tongue. But I think I sucked out all the poison."--Gary to Dennis's sister after he caught them kissing

Silver suffers the early on-set symptoms of Fatal Attraction, you know, when all of the love and attention seems cute and doting. It starts with grand romantic gestures, escalates to body branding (large cursive tattoo of Dixon's name on her pelvis), and climaxed right after he did. Boom! Bitch crazy. Can't wait to see Silver erupt very very soon. Meanwhile, Naomi found a cute new boy who hates her--why do they always hate her?--Adrianna lured Navid back, Rhonda stole a kiss from a severely in denial Ethan, who brushed Annie aside after she used one of Rhonda's Mean Girls story in her acting class to make herself seem more interesting--somehow succeeding in making herself seem even crazier than Rhonda. I think what "90210" is really trying to teach us is that white girls are manic and insecure, since every other girl of a different nationality comes off sane in their world.

• It was so adorable how Robert Buckley (the uber hot Kirby on "Lipstick Jungle") tried to be dorky and clumsy, complete with black rimmed glasses (like it would make a difference). What, do the producers think they could pull a Peter Parker or a Clark Kent, as though Buckley's only hot when he doesn't have glasses on? I do have to admit though that I was impressed with how many lines he could handle in one scene--some even heavy in sarcasm and non-sexual humor. He plays David, a self-described prodigy, who will be running Will's father's new magazine venture. Megan has adopted him as her mentor to Will's dismay. Man, that boy gets jealous super easy--not that I wouldn't be worried about leaving her alone with a smoking hot innovative entrepenuer who didn't get to where he is because daddy forced people to give him the job, like *cough*Will's*cough* did.
Marco got his boyfriend back after saving him from impregnating his female bff, who is a little psycho if you ask me. Thankfully, that whole situation gave Marco the opportunity to utter the words: "You've decided to go all 'Will & Grace' on me. At least Debra Messing is attractive."
Sage revealed that she blamed herself for their parents' death, because if it wasn't for her whining they would've went on a different flight instead of the one that crashed. Instead of hating her for it, Rose got annoyed that she didn't trust her enough to tell her that. That, in conjunction with both Megan and Laurel's decision to hide her grandfather's existence from her, made her feel like she was being babied too much. After her grandfather died before she could fly to Santa Barbara to meet him, she decided she would move into her own room, so she can start her independent life.

"There's no business like Cho business," said Patrick about Detective Cho's ability to woo women. It was pretty funny to watch. He more interrogated them than flirted.

"Sex, drugs, or money--the holy trinity," words of wisdom from Eli.

• I loved it when Mark referred to Wilhelmina's skin as "pure unblemished Mocca."
• I missed Amanda in this episode, so I appreciated it when she referred to Betty's attempt to record a day in the life of Claire Meade as "the Claire Witch Project."
• When Connor left his favorite bird in Wilhelmina's care, she considered getting rid of it and Mark appropriately referred to such an act as "burder."

• At the end of the Part 1 of this episode, we were led to believe that we were going to see Holly. But we were faked-out because she was on a retreat. Unfortunately for Michael, we did get to meet her new boyfriend. He couldn't cope so he never delivered his lecture and ended up wandering off to her desk. He cut off a sleeve of her yellow cardigan and accidentally nudged her mouse so that her desktop with a Martin Short background image was visible. When I saw the icon that said "Dear Michael," I maniacally screamed, "OPEN IT!!" Of course, it was the one time that Michael was smarter than me; he pulled out a USB drive and copied it. Pam eventually read it for him, so he wouldn't technically invade her privacy, and she confirmed that Holly still has feelings for him. YES!!
Angela got a new cat and she had the audacity to gush: "She doesn't struggle when you try to dress her."
• When she told the gang that she paid $7,000 for the cat, Creed replied: "I could get you a kid for that." I, personally, think that Meredith would sell all of her kids for less.
Angela set up a nanny-cam to monitor her cats and complained about not getting maternity leave when she gets a new cat, and Meredith empathized with her by saying, "I had my second kid just for the vacation."
• After catching one of her cats humping the new cat, she ran home to save it from being defiled. When she got there, Oscar and Kevin watched her lick the cat clean on the nanny-cam. I thought it was un-freaking-believable, but my mind wasn't fully blown until she coughed up a hairball when she got back to the office.

Jack was concerned about how religious Elena was, and Liz's words of comfort were: "If I had those knockers, I'd thank God too."
Drew (Jon Hamm from "Mad Men") told Liz he was worried she didn't know what day or season it was since there was still a Jack-o-lantern in her hallway, and she said something to the effect of wanting to see if it shriveled up and disappeared.
Jack revises the "Our Father" prayer so that he could respond to his assistant about the Valentine's reservations he made at a posh restaurant. Blasphemy has never been so perfectly executed and hilarious.
• When Elena forced Jack to confess, he told the priest everything he ever did wrong, driving the man to bolt from the confessional screaming. Elena was so enraged that she screams, "Now you will never see the crazy underwears I have on," and Jack appropriately responds, "What kind of God would let that happen?"
Jack goes to the restaurant and sits by himself, hoping Elena would show up, and the waiter sarcastically asks, "I'm sorry, is this like a Sixth Sense thing? Should I bring a place setting for your friend?"
• Throughout the entire episode, Kenneth is trying to flirt with a blind girl (Maria Thayer, who played his horny wife in Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Since he's unable to speak, Tracy does a mock accent for him. By the end of their date, she asks to touch his face to see if he's handsome and after determining that he wasn't, she rejects him. Ouch!

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