Monday, February 23, 2009

TV Highlights: "Ugly Betty": Fashion Week, Baby is Born, and Daniel Eric Gold

This episode was pretty major--some seriously funny shit happened.

Wilhelmina staging a Messiah/Simba-type birth on the runway was both ingenious and hilariously sacrilegious. Loved it.

• I wasn't that excited that newcomer Daniel Eric Gold (Charlie Wilson's War and Definitely, Maybe) was guest-starring as Betty's new YETI partner and potential Henry replacement. I mean, I was happy she was getting a new guy, but I have to admit his headshots don't do him justice. He's actually a pretty charming and adorable guy--definitely boy-next-door material. Of course, now I'm just waiting for his huge secret to drop and blow Betty away.

• I really appreciated the bonding moment between Hilda and her father's nurse's Elena (Lauren Velez from "Dexter"). I may not be a Queens girl, but us borough chicks would truly not be that impressed with more than half of what we see on the runway. Betty's revelation was necessary though. Mocking the profession that has employed her for the last three years is a major faux paux, but realistically--art, or no art--some of that shit's just weird. lol Oh and I also loved that Justin gave up his ticket to the Mode fashion despite the fact that he was desperate to go. That was very mature of him--crazy, but mature.

• I liked the cinematography of the closing scene where Betty mock-strutted the runway with Daniel, the room faded to black as they walked into the brightly lit backstage, and they shoved each other playfully. Nicely done.

Wilhelmina, who is notoriously known as a spoof of Anna Wintour, was suffering from displacement syndrome when she was being shut out from major events during Fashion Week. *GASP* When Mark discovered she had to sit in the second row of Proenza Schouler, he offered this as his punishment while opening the moving car's door: "You say the word and I will kill myself."

• By far the best compliment Mark has ever given, inspired by Wilhelmina's fear that she'd gone soft: "You are still as horrible and evil as the day that Satan himself placed you in your mother's arms."

Amanda's adorably racist comments just can't get any better than when she described how much Betty loves Tequila because she's Mexican: "It's like mother's milk to her."

Betty's so adorable when she's flustered. She was partnered up with a sports journalist for her YETI program and he took her to the men's locker room where she bumped into a tall naked man, causing her to squeal: "I didn't see anything...although now I think we might be married."

And now for my theories of the season:
• I really thought that Holly left the fashion show early because she was insecure, but apparently she has some secretive medical news that she's keeping from Daniel. I don't think she's dying. I think she's pregnant with Connor's baby, which--let's be honest--is ten times more juicy of a storyline. That would be the second time Daniel was denied fatherhood. Ouch!

• As for next week's preview concerning Mode's missing millions and Betty being framed for swiping all of it, I think Connor is behind it all. He is their financial advisor and Daniel did steal his girl. What better way to get back at him? I know even Wilhelmina would appreciate the treachery.

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