Friday, February 13, 2009

TV NEWS: Terminator on "Big Bang," Wedding & Death on "Betty," One "Heroes" Ressurection, and more

Summer Glau ("Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles") will guest star in "Big Bang Theory" as herself. The boys are going on a train trip to San Francisco, but they get sidetracked when they realize their favorite sci-fi actress is on board. They'll spend most of the episode trying to figure out who'll go up to her and most likely fall to pieces. I hope in the end it's Raj, since he's so female-phobic. The only bummer is that there's a chance that Penny won't be in the episode, since she probably doesn't travel with them.

• They finally canceled USA's "Starter Wife." Man that was boring.

• It's rumored that Shonda Rhimes almost sent George to war to get rid of his character with the idea that he was inspired by Dr. Hunt. Thankfully, that was canned. Can you imagine sensitive George sewing soldiers back together?

• Somebody's getting married on "Ugly Betty." My votes on Daniel and his new girl, mainly because there's also a rumor that Betty's getting a new boss. Of course, that could apply to Wilhelmina too. But maybe she'll be too occupied with the mysterious death that's on the horizon. Ooooorrr Connor killed Daniel after he married his ex-fiance, and Betty gets a new boss. lol

Lois returns to "Smallville" March 12th when Clark reveals his true identity to the world. Since Lana is officially out of the picture as of the last episode, having absorbed so much kryptonite that she can't be within 5ft of Clark, it's time for the legendary romance between Lois and Clark to begin.

Nicolette Sheridan (Edie) is leaving "Desperate Housewives."

• There are rumors that Daphne didn't die on "Heroes" this week, which could possibly mean that the government isn't actually disposing of their corpses.

• Before the first season of "Fringe" ends, we're going to meet Olivia's creepy father.

• If "Friday Night Lights" gets greenlit for a fourth season, there's no guarantee that everyone will return. Several of the actors are venturing out into films. Zach Gilford (Matt) is starring in the comedy The Post Grad Survival and Taylor Kitsch (Riggins) is Gambit in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In season 4, some people will go off to college, but end up coming back, and some will never have left town.

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