Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ALBUM REVIEW: Gavin DeGraw's "Free"

It's been a year since Gavin DeGraw released an album. His latest, Free, is very stripped-down, live-like with mellow beats and romanticized lyrics. It's as if he made a deal with the record companies that he'd do a commercial album (the self-titled Gavin DeGraw) for them and the fans, and then one for himself, which is maybe something Kelly Clarkson should consider if she should ever feel unfulfilled again.

Of the nine tracks on the album, I swayed to "Lover Be Strong," "Waterfall," and "Why do the men stray? (Why do the women pray?)."

"Waterfall" had a part where he repeatedly said the words "You're beautiful," which was nice to hear. lol But the best lyrics had to be from the last song. I loved the parts where he said: "More lies are told until they're true," and "Old men get all their killing done with youth." Pure poetry.

Sample it on Amazon.com.

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  1. I agree with you "pure poetry". This album is Gavin DeGraw showcasing his most raw natural talent. The album is brave and honest as he goes back to basics and brings his soulful style and his raw voice to the lyrics of love and loss. Every song tells a story about what he is feeling and his voice changes from an angry rough and randy character, into his beautiful falsetto and back to his gravely sexy sound. It is amazing to listen to the characters that emerge from song to song. Let's face it Gavin is best when he is just being Gavin.