Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TV Topic: "Gossip Girl": Jenny's Sweet 16, Vanessa & Chuck Hookup, and the other Humphrey Son

It's not very often that some bizarre happening on this series pulls me back into reality long enough to say, "Am I in the Twilight Zone?," but last night there were several.

For starters, the "love" rectangle that involved Nate, Blair, Vanessa, and Chuck. The fates of these four rested on the weak shoulders of the indecisive and unreliable Nate. He basically told Blair that since V had walked out on him at his family reunion and they hadn't spoken in a week, he was going to talk to her, and if they break up, he and Blair can be together. Translation: If I see her and feel like dumping her tonight, you can fill her slot. If that wasn't completely insane enough, B was totally game for it. She was slightly disappointed, pushy, and obnoxious, but game. Meanwhile, V continued her journey down the Upper East Side rabbit hole by not only kissing Chuck in front of them, but then secretly having sex with him...TWICE! Wasn't she utterly repulsed by him before? What? Is it a natural transition to be sexually dissatisfied by Nate and then reinvigorated by Chuck? lol

Bizarro moment number two came right around the time Jenny opted out of having a huge Sweet 16 with the who's-who's of Manhattan society for chili and board games instead. I didn't think it was a lame idea. I mean, you do have the rest of your teen-less life to not share your bday with your family. And it made perfect sense with her new outlook on life. What was strange was Serena's sudden sense of entitlement fueled by Poppy Lifton's return. She told Serena that a "girl like her" has better things to do than make-up-and-break-up with her high school boyfriend and feud with her frenemy. Hmm, I guess that's reserved for us average folks. Poppy's idea of good living is flying on rich men's jets to exotic locales and shopping till it's dark enough to party all night long. Lucky for her, that was old Serena's idea of fun too, and with just a little nudge from her mother's judgmental lectures, that old Serena can easily be reawakened. S had the audacity to pretend like it wasn't her fault that Jenny felt the need to turn her "sophisticated" soirée into a rager. Little J specifically stated that she didn't want a stranger-filled party. If you didn't invite all of your friends, then she wouldn't have had to get even with you. Grow up S. She's only 16.

Both Chuck and Blair have had their wild phases this season, you'd think she'd learn from their mistakes. But I guess everyone's tired of working so hard to be who people expect them to be. First Jenny got tired of trying to fit in. Then Chuck got tired of being daddy's little boy. Blair got tired of being the Queen B. Nate got tired of not having a plan for his future. V got tired of...fighting off Chuck's advances. lol And now Serena's tired of pretending she isn't naturally irresponsible. Off to Espana she goes...to get married?

The major bomb that dropped last night didn't even get more than two minutes of air time. No, not Nate and Blair's lakeside makeout session. It turns out Dan's illegitimate brother knows his true identity and plans on infiltrating the Humphrey clan by sucking up to Dan and praising his writing. The question is: Will his adoptive parents' attempt to deter him by deleting Dan's phone call work, or will he be determined enough to jump on a train/bus and pay his "idol" a visit?

Can't wait for the drama!!!

Side note: I love the part when Chuck and Dan had their usual exchange of quips over a quick breakfast, like when Dan said: "It would almost be scary if it wasn't wearing plaid." Aww, they're brothers. I hope when the shit hits the fan, Dan turns to Chuck for words of wisdom...or sarcasm. Either's fine with me.

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