Friday, March 06, 2009

TV Highlights: Reaper's Season Plot, Ugly Betty's Cheap Date, and more

"Call me crazy but child actors were better in the 80s."--said Barney, making everyone in the cast laugh. I love insidery jokes.

• I absolutely loved Ben's version of Sam's apology letter to Andi.
• I couldn't stop laughing at Ben's attempt at trying to convince the guys his drawing of a baby is a leprachaun. No kid, it's a baby.
• The mission of this season is finding the guy (Sean Patrick Thomas from Save the Last Dance) who got out of his contract with the devil.

• Here's proof that Amanda is insane. She goes to a children's clothing store because: "I like to sit in the little tiny chairs and pretend I'm a giant. The children cry--it is so much fun."

• In case you needed more proof that Amanda is insane, she complains: "I need food. I need diapers. Babies are selfish."

• I love Hilda's reaction to finding out that Matt has forgotten his wallet more than once: "Sometimes? As in, more than once?"

• I'm glad that the secret's finally out and Betty knows Matt is filthy rich. Now let's cut to Matt bailing out Meade publications in some underhanded way of taking over the family business...or something interesting like that.

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