Friday, March 27, 2009

TV REVIEW: ABC Family's "Sophie"

So we're first introduced to the title character (Canadian newcomer Natalie Brown), the young owner of an acting agency, when she goes to a witch doctor while 8 months pregnant. He tells her that this year is going to suck majorly, and within a few days she gets dumped for her bff Melissa, a hot blonde actress (Amy Ciupak Lalonde) who used to be her client, her ex Rick (Sebastian Spence) steals all of her clients, her receptionist bails on her, her water breaks near her father's grave when she's cellphone-less, and she gives birth to a black baby. Did I mention that not only is she white, but so is the supposed father of the baby. Now either she cheated and lied about it or she's having a worse year than I thought.

Shows like these are supposed to be built on the appeal of the ensemble cast, like "Friends": a collection of characters who keep you interested and intrigued. While Sophie is funny and relatable, her uber helpful, gay bff Matt (Jeff Geddis) seems as bored as I am with him, and the only client (Sara Botsford) she has left, who adopted a smart ass Asian preteen (Chantelle Chung) seems like an overdone version of Grandma Tabitha on "90210" and even Grandma Martha on "Castle." We're supposed to get hooked on Sophie's life from the very beginning, but I actually have no interest in learning how she plans on juggling unexpected motherhood and an agency she didn't ask to inherit in a failing economy.

The only thing that could save the series is an amazingly hot love interest...and even that wouldn't keep many people tuned in. Considering that this series was originally filmed in 2007, I'm guessing ABC Family new it wouldn't be a hit either. They probably released it now in hopes of profiting from the major love it's getting for "Secret Life of an American Teenager." The fact is people only love that show because it's so awesomely bad...and there isn't anything awesome about this show.


  1. The first episode packs in a lot of stuff but it gets better once the show gains its footing. I've seen season one and I'm on season two because my area gets some Canadian stations.

  2. This show sucks! The acting is overdone. I'm sick of seeing silly-a$$ women being shoved down our throats and we are supposed to think it is true comedy. This show was so fake. Also, as a mixed race woman married to a Black man I was appalled they cast a full Black baby as her newborn. Why not cast a mixed race one! Her White a$$ would not have given birth to that Black a$$ child even if the father was 100% Sudanese. It made me feel like the writers were trying to patronize us. I have 2 children with my dark-skinned Black husband and they are no where near that dark.

    Before anyone says that I'm trying to make this a racial issue, remember, the writers put in that wack-a$$ storyline in the first place, not me.

  3. A mix of a white mother/father and black mother/father does not mean that your child is either pale, beige or caramel colored. A dark skinned child can be born of a mixed race couple.