Thursday, March 26, 2009

TV Topic: "The Office": Idris Elba's Reign of Terror & Ryan's Return

Alright, I was totally on board for last year's addition of "The Wire" alum Amy Ryan as Holly. She was funny, cute, unbelievably normal (compared to everyone else on the show), and potentially the love of Michael's life. But then they added another alum from the drama series, Idris Elba. I really didn't see how he would mesh with the rest of the cast...and I was right to be apprehensive. It's not just that he's not funny. I don't even think he's supposed to be. His lines definitely aren't. If anything, he's just scary. When Michael challenged him and he didn't back down, I was genuinely terrified for his well-being. I mean, he even intimidates Jim. Not only are they the same height, but Jim once dared to go up against Pam's ex, the tubby, lumberjack-looking, psycho Roy. He totally shouldn't be afraid him, but I totally understand why he is. Elba's character, Charles Miner, just doesn't fit. I feel like he went in to audition for "Lost" and somehow ended up on "The Office."

Alas, his actions have inspired a fortuitous event. While I am bummed that Michael has quit Dunder Mifflin with the naive endeavor to start his own company titled...drum roll...Michael Scott's Paper Company, I did not think of all of the amazingly laughable moments that could erupt from such an idea:

1) Pam, having given up her graphic design dream, has decided that she doesn't want to be a receptionist anymore. After spending more than four hours mastering the copy machine, a task that could've driven even the nicest person insane, she decided she wants to be a salesman.

2) Ryan--a newly blonde Ryan!!!--just might join him, since he now works at a bowling alley and has clearly hit rock bottom. (Um, no offense to all those hard-working alley employees.)

3) Since Holly is rumored to be returning by the end of the season, maybe--just maybe--she'll join him too. And then he'll have his super team: the salesman (Pam), his right hand man (Ryan), and his HR person (Holly). Then all he'll need--besides customers, a building, and money--is an assistant. Eureka! Kelly will totally debase herself if only to spend every waking moment by Ryan's side.

In the words of the adorably maniacal hamster from Bolt, "Let it begin! Let it begin!"

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  1. I agree. As much as I wanted to like Idris on the The Office his character wasn't funny. Or intriguing. Hopefully they give him some kind of depth, or better yet they should have let him speak with his natural British accent.