Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FEATURED BAND: A Moment's Worth

Genre: Rock Pop-Punk

Latest Release: Sleepless
Track Stuck on Replay: "Too Far, Too Long"
Overall: It's customary for most fledgling bands of today (i.e. Plain White T's, Alien Ant Farm, Good Charlotte, Hoobastank, P.O.D., Simple Plan, Trapt, etc.) to fizzle out of commercial stardom and leave behind one great song as their legacy. Just like on the first day of school, we're introduced to new sounds all year long, but only a few make the cut into our exclusive inner circle, reaching the top ten of our Most Played list, getting recommended to all of our friends, and inspiring us to work extra hours to buy front row tickets. So eventually we identify what sets them apart from the rest. While A Moment's Worth may infuse every track with a healthy dose of optimism as every up-and-coming band does, they also manage to provide:

• no two tracks that sound the same
• relatable content with actual substance
• impressive manipulation of not only guitars and drums, but vocals
• a danceable track for your Monday pick-me-up ("My Lost Self")
• a scream anthem for your Friday vent session ("Sleepless")
• the closest thing to a heart-wrenching ballad that you'd ever let anyone catch you crying to ("Too Far, Too Long")
• and, most importantly, band member chemistry that ensures no signs of future-success strife.

Get Hooked: If you like the band after listening to a few tracks, you can buy your favorites on iTunes, become a fan on MySpace or Facebook or Youtube, go see them live in NYC, and/or vote for them to perform in the Warped Tour: Battle of the Bands this summer.

In the mean time, check out their video for "Eternal Optimist":

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